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There are literally thousands of free websites offering Tarot readings. Knowing how to interpret cards in the context of a tarot reading is an amazing skill to possess if you want to help others or yourself become more spiritual. But, knowing how to read and interpret the cards is not always enough, as there are many different ways in which people use this knowledge.
Angel card reading is one of the ways tarot card reading is used. It is not exclusive to tarot cards but can be done for any angel or spirit group. Just as there are many ways to read the tarot in general, there are also different types of tarot card readings that use a combination of the cards in order to get different messages.

Tarot card reading books are very popular, which was the primary reason why I chose to write this free tarot reading. The books that I have read in the past did not portray the angel card concepts in a way that I could easily understand. So, when it came time for me to do a tarot reading on my own, I felt that my knowledge came from what I had read but needed some kind of system or guideline if possible. I found it in Tarot101's Free Angel Reading System! It is simple to use and very effective.

Free tarot card reading

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There are a number of kinds of tarot card reading that can be used, but each has its own unique way to see how the cards are combined. Some people like to see certain cards together while others focus on seeing how the whole deck is laid out. One form that I will be using (but not exclusive to) is angel cards. These cards are actually tarot cards, but they are for the situations in which we need some kind of help from a higher power.

For example, in the Angel Card Reading System, there are 10 different question types that can be asked for a tarot reading. The question types are as follows:

1. How can I improve myself?

2. How do I fix this situation?

3. What is the lesson in this situation?

4. What am I missing here?

5. Where can I find help? (This is not for help from other people but rather a higher level.)
6. What do I need to clear out of my life?

Angel Tarot Reading

Get your free Angel Tarot Card reading and tap into divine guidance. Understand what's going on in your love life, career, and more.

Free Angel Tarot Reading. Get 7 divine answers to life's most pressing questions. Ask an Angel Tarot Reading

As you can see, there are different types of questions that can be asked for each type of reading. In order to do an angel card reading, it is necessary to have a set of angel cards but this tarot card reading system is designed so that it can also be done with just the regular tarot deck (which I also use).

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The Free Tarot Reading System

In order to do an angel card reading, you will need a set of tarot cards or an Angel Deck (which are actually tarot cards). For those who do not have either of these, it is possible to do this with just the regular tarot deck, but the meanings will be different than what I am describing.

For each situation that you are trying to figure out, a combination of different cards can be used. For example, if you are doing a reading about getting more work, then combinations of 3 cards can be looked at in order to get an answer. Some people use 4 cards while others use 5 cards.



We all want to know what lies ahead, but sometimes it is hard to manage the wait. Don’t worry, psychic tarot readings are here! They will reveal your future in an instant so you can stop worrying that "what if" and just know. Psychic tarot readings provide you with a reading of your past, present and future without any tools other than the cards themselves. The cards act as a conduit for the reader to connect with your own life path energy and destiny.

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A psychic reading is a process involving specific skills that will help you gain a clear insight into your life. It's not a fortune telling or a con: it is a way of providing you with the opportunity to gain clarity about your current situation and move forward in confidence. A true reader will never give precise dates, times or names but will take you on a journey of discovery so that you can understand the meaning of what is happening right now in your life.


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