Trending Ways to Use Color in Web Design

It’s said that “colors bring a monotonous things back to Life” and being a part of digital community colors play a significant role in designing your travel WordPress theme. Over the years have been a lot of design trends predictions but one thing that stays with every design are the colors. Now days the website designers have started using colors more boldly and more strategically as well. Color selection depends upon number of factors such as 

1.    To grab attention 
2.    To tell a story
3.    To enhance brand experience 


Let’s check out some of the examples
Creating a Strong Background
A couple of years back bold backgrounds were in trend and these were ought to be so powerful that they offered a good move for the audience towards a specific section. A good color background is not only appealing but also help a website stand above from the rest.   
When you choose a minimalist design, background does play an important role. It’s not necessary to use bright and vibrant colors for your background, subtle and matt colors do mark an impressive impact. If you are having a portfolio WordPress theme,   then you can use colors to highlight different sections as well. In fact you can also use greens, yellows and blues together. All colors blend well. It’s the background colors which will make the individual sections unique and interesting.    


Making a Style Statement
Many a time, colors can be used to make a bold statement. For example, you can take Uber. The Landing page has an orange gradient which definitely finds your attention. This sign language page does a great work as the main of the page is to attract and teach people the basic sign languages which are totally reliant on visual cues.   


Telling a Better Story
Yes! the colors do help you in telling a story. For example, let’s take about the home page of the website Bloom. They have used electric blue color all over in their design background. In fact, it is the color which used to scroll from top to bottom along with other visual elements. The logic is simple, if you would have chosen a different color combination; the basic aim of storytelling would have been broken.
Creating Bursts of Interest and Adding Personality


It has been seen that in many websites color is used to make the design interesting by using colors effectively. But that does not by any chance means that you need to use bold and loud colors to say your word.  For example: to make your website impart an engaged look you can go for bursts of colors. 

Improves Branding for Your Product/ services or Company
You can use the colors effectively to impart a new identity to your product, services or company. They can play a role in channelizing more user engagement and driving more traffic towards your website. Colors play an important role in brand positioning. It certainly depends upon your choices such as going with green, pink, purple etc. If you have a good design, you can experiment with unusual colors as well. 
Colors are as important as other UI elements so as to mark a perfect coordination between your content and design. 


People have started to realize the real power of colors as it brings about their personality and enhances brand identity. The usage of colors in designing a travel WordPress theme is not only getting better but stronger as well with the changing web designing trends.