Grade 1 at St. Joseph the Worker School




We are currently working on addition and subtraction to 25.  We are also investigating different forms of measurement. We use non-standard measurement using objects in our classroom.  We count everyday and are working on counting by 5s independently. 


E.L.A (English Language Arts)

Every Monday the Grade 1 class write a journal entry about their weekend.  The children share with the class where and what they did over the weekend.  We currently write 2-3 sentences during this writing period.  

We are reading Little Bo Peep and the children have completed their own version of the story. They are very excited to present their stories to you. 


Your child has taken home a Read Every Day book.  Please return the book every Wednesday and a new book will be given out on Thursday.  Please read everyday with your child.  Once you and your child have read together please sign the reading log.  Your child should read the book several times to develop their fluency.  A list of comprehension questions are included in your child's R.E.D. package.  Pick two or three questions to ask your child after reading.  You can ask these questions after reading any story with your child.  

Every Thursday the students get to borrow a book from the classroom library. Our classroom volunteer, Nonno, acts as our librarian.  The students can pick any book from the library that interests them.  Please bring the book back the following Thursday in order for you child to recieve a new one. 



A monthly homework calendar will be sent out at the beginning of the month. Please assisst your child with the activities. These tasks are review of classroom work.  


Spelling Tests

Spelling tests are every Thursday.  The words to practice are listed on the monthly calendar.  Please review these words with your child.  Starting in April, your child will be bringing home a 


Popcorn words

Every month I will review a list of popcorn words with your child. I will send home the list highlighting the words your child can recognize.  Some children may recieve practice words to review nightly at home.  Please review these words with your child to help develop reading fluency. 

We are playing games and working on different activities to familiarize ourselves with new and tricky words. 


Show and Tell

Show and Tell is once a month.  Please help your child pick an item to present to the class.  This item can be a toy, photo, or something they have made. After the presentation, the children can ask questions and your child can show the toy to a smaller group. If a chld brings a toy, they are may have time to play with it later in the day. Please do not send electronics or other valuables.  Items can get lost or broken, but we will do our best to keep all show and tell itmes safe.