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Welcome to our 4th grade website! We are looking forward to a great year filled with fun and lots of learning! Check out our site for the latest news and updates. 


Important Dates:

September 12 - Back-to-School Night Grades 3-5 at 6pm in the Gym

September 29 - Parish 60th Anniversary Mass at 12:30pm

October 4 - 12:15pm Dismissal for Fall Festival Weekend

October 5 - Blessing of the Animals on NC Field at 10am

October 5 - Fall Festival

October 16 - 4A Mass at 9am

October 16 - 12:15pm Dismissal

October 25 - Golf Ball Drop/Birthday Celebrations/Crusader Dress/End of Quarter 1

October 31 - Halloween Dress - School dismisses at 12:15pm 


What's happening at school? 


Reading- Unit 1 Interpreting Characters in Fiction Texts

  • In bend one, we will be guiding students through strategies to establish a reading life. Students will be taking responsibility for reading lots of within-reach books. Through teacher modeling and student collaboration, students will begin to retell, synthesize, and envision what they have read. 
  • In bend two, students will learn how to think deeply about characters by noticing details and finding complications in the characters. They will be responsible for defending their ideas by providing evidence from the text. 
  • In bend three, we teach students how to look beyond the characters and study other elements of the story. Students will work to push themselves to have deeper thoughts and build interpretations about a story by looking across their thinking, finding patterns, and making connections.

Writing- Unit 1 Writing a Narrative

  • In bend one, students will create and develop stories and characters that feel real.  They will do this through imagining stories from ordinary moments in their lives and by giving the characters in their stories believable struggles.
  • In bend two, the students will draft a realistic fiction piece by looking closely with an eye of believabilty in their stories.  They will focus on "showing" the reader what is happening in their story rather than just "telling" them.

In bend three, students will work towards publishing their writing pieces through revising  and editing with a lens for certain characteristics.
Math- Ch. 1 Multiplication and Divison Strategies and Quick Recall
           ***Please have your child practice quick recall of multiplication facts 0-12 at home. Math Cards is a free app that is great for students to increase their fact fluency.***

Ch. 2 Generate and Analyze Patterns

We will also begin Ch. 3 Place Value.
Religion-  Seeing God Revealed Through Jesus, Creation, and Scripture
Science- Scientific Method, Science Tools, Science Safety
Social Studies-  Geography of California and Its Regions

In-class project on the regions due on Monday, October 21
October:  Looking ahead...
Reading - Unit 2 - Reading the Weather, Reading the World
In this nonfiction unit, students will use context clues to determine the meaning of tricky vocabulary words.  They will also use text structures and text features to determine the important information in a text.  Students will use the "boxes and bullets" method to organize and find the main idea and details of a text.
Writing - Unit 2 - Boxes and Bullets
In this unit on personal and persuasive writing, students will formulate an opinion on a topic and plan an essay using the "boxes and bullets" format.  They will write a claim and defend that claim with three reasons while providing evidence to support their reasons.  Students will edit with a lens for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and transition words before publishing a final essay.
Math - Student will add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers.  They will continue to practice their problem-solving skills within the topic.  They will also begin developing their number sense, build fluency by practicing multiplication of one-digit numbers.
Religion - Students are reflecting on and practicing developing a good conscience.  They are also continuing the lessons in Second Step to develop good character.  The Catholic Social Teaching (CST) focus for this month is "Care for God's Creation."
Social Studies - This next chapter will focus on California Native Americans and the ways they used the resources as determined by the regions in which they lived.
Important Links:
Math website- You can find the homework workbook pages and helpful content videos here! www.pearsonrealize.com - Check with your child for the login information that is in your child's planner.
Social Studies-  Practice Social Studies Vocabulary through this site:  www.quizlet.com 
                Find the class "4th Grade Social Studies" to practice vocabulary for each of the chapters.
California Studies Weekly- www.appstudiesweekly.com - Your child is being set up with their login information.  Ask them if they have started yet!

St. Mary's Press Social Studies- www.mlearn.smp.org

Vocabulary- www.sadlierconnect.com