What we are doing..

February 6 - February 10

Math Unit: BITS AND PIECES (Fractions, Decimals, Percents) BEGAN Thursday, January 5

Reading Unit: "Everglades"


Monday, February 6
Math: REVIEW. This will be a week of REVIEW. We'll go all the way back to Factor Pairing 16. Factor Pairing and Prime Factorizing today.
Science: POP TEST.... "Healthy Lunch"
Social Studies: Social Skills, and we'll have some time to reasearch for our Full Biography. "Social Skills" and "Full Biography"
Reading/Geography: Ring of Fury
Tuesday, February 7
Math: More REVIEW. Today we'll find GCF's and LCM's.
Science: Finish the Pop Test.... "Healthy Lunch"
Social Studies: Take a Stand.. "Colonial Tensions"
Reading/Geography: Spelling Associations
Wednesday, February 8
Math: Introduction to GEOMETRY unit.
Science: ORANGES will have a CHEMISTRY presentation.. Apples just have plain old boring Science... :(
Social Studies: Money to King.. "Colonial Tensions"
Reading/Geography: Oogla game
Thursday, February 9
Math: HW DUE TODAY Fractions and Triangles Intro
Science: Reasearch for Project PROJECT DUE MONDAY
S.S: Only Davis' Class Today: Full Biography Reasearch
Reading/Geography: Only Egg's Class Today: Geography Bingo
Phys Ed: Basketball