READING: NO HOMEWORK (Book Report due Wednesday Feb. 29)

SOCIAL STUDIES: Graphic Organizer (chap 10) and the Full Biography:

The Full Biographyis due Thursday, February 23, 2012. You may choose any United States activist whom you did NOT do for your Brief Biography.

Feb. 1: Name of Activist and why s/he is an activist Due
Feb. 7: Note card check (at least 5 note cards to see if they are correct)
Feb. 14: Rough Draft Due (can be hand written)
Feb. 23: Final Draft Due (with all these requirements)


Requirements for the Final Draft for Full Biography

1. Minimum of 5 paragraphs that follow the Outline

2. Final copy typed in 12 point, double spaced OR cursive

3. Bibliography page at the end: must have at least 1 book and 1 article

(the article comes from the Timberland Library Database)

4. Note cards turned in (min. of 15)

5. Cover including the person’s name, your name, the date, and an illustration or picture.

6. EXTRA CREDIT: 1 Primary Source


Biography Report Outline

I. Introductory paragraph (general information)

A. Topic sentence that gets the reader’s interest #1 ______
B. Who is your person #2 ______
C. What is s/he famous for #3 ______
D. Why is s/he important to the U.S. #4 ______

II. Who (more details about the person)

A. When did s/he live #5 ______
B. What was happening in the U.S. or World at that time #6 ______
C. Who else did s/he work with #7 ______

III. What (more details about what s/he is famous for)
A. What did s/he do that was important #8 ______
B. How did s/he do it #9 ______
C. Where did it happen #10 _____

IV. Why (more details and your opinion)
A. Why are his/her actions important to the U.S. or World #11 _____
B. What would the U.S. or World be like if s/he had never been born #12 _____
C. Would you want to be like this person? Why or why not? #13 _____

V. Conclusion (wrap it all up)

A. Re-state your topic sentence
B. Who, what, & why is your person an activist #14 _____
C. Conclusion sentence that is interesting to the reader #15 _____


SCIENCE: Project Due Monday