Classrules and Regulations


General Rules for 5th Grade Classroom!

Class rules are for everyone, no exceptions. Our objective of coming to school is to learn and connect our knowledge to real-world scenarios. Rules and routines are for the class to run smoothly. They will ensure student involvement and successful learning in the class. Students who follow these rules will be rewarded with positive feedback and sunshine calls to their parents. These special calls will inform their parents about what the student did well in class today.  This will increase a student's intrinsic motivation and confidence. It will also encourage positive behavior in them. We also have a star chart for all the students, when a student gets 90% and above in their assessments, they will get a star. When students collect 10 stars they will receive a gift from the teacher. Students who refuse to follow class rules and misbehave will face the consequences of their actions. In the case of bullying and harming anyone, an incident report will be filed. One copy will be sent home, one will go in student's record and one to the school Admins. The rules are:    

- wear masks at all time

- respect everyone on the school ground (including all the peers, and teachers, including me)

- class time is to work and not waste in talking with friends, therefore use class time wisely

- submit all the assignments on time

- help your friends and peers in class 

- no bullying (verbal or physical)

- do not touch anyone else's belongings

- come to school on time - lateness will affect the student's final grade

- follow hand signals for questions, water, bathroom and tissue

- do not leave your seat without teacher's permission










"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Have Fun!
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