5th Grade Homework 

Homework is an essential part of learning.  It enforces what students have learned at school.  Students have to complete assignments every day and bring them to school. I collect homework everyday first period. After checking student homework I record it in the grade book. Student's homework grades are 5% towards their final grade for the subject. In Math, use flashcards to help the student memorize multiplication facts and division facts. In Reading, your child should read every night at least 10 to 15 pages each night from the book of their choice. I have sent reading logs home, please fill them out and sign them. I collect reading logs every Monday. During the school year, students will be given projects to work on at home. I will provide all the information related to the project. Students will be asked to use computers to do the research. Parent supervision is critical when a child is using a computer or any electronic device. There are many websites that give out the wrong information and it is our responsibility to make our children smart digital citizens. They should use the internet for only research purposes. Children should be discouraged from using social media and networking websites. They should not post any pictures or comments that will harm any of their loved ones and school peers. Digital citizenship awareness is a critical part of growing up. We do talk in class about the dangers of using the internet and playing video games that promote violence and indecent behavior. Please talk with your child regarding this matter at home and we do speak about it in class on a regular base. 


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