Monthly Newsletter

June Newsletter

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe it, but the last month of school is here already! It’s been a wonderful year of learning and exploring together. This month, we’re busy with PATs, as well as our Grade 6 retreat, awards and preparation for Junior High. 

Here’s an update on what we’ve been learning in core subjects:

Language Arts

In May, we:

·         Reviewing for and writing Part A of our Provincial Achievement Test, focusing on narrative writing and nonfiction writing

·         Worked on our second Book Club unit


In June, we will be:

·         Practicing reading comprehension strategies and reviewing for our Part B Language Arts PAT

·         Learning about public speaking, including how to plan, research, write and deliver a speech

·         Finishing our Book Club unit by completing a text-and-film comparison 

Social Studies

In May, we:

·         Learned about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and its impact on our democratic society

·         Learned about the various forms of local government

·         Learned about the electoral process by participating in a class election

In June, we will be:

·         Learning about associations, how they’re organized and how they represent specific groups

·         Learning about how the provincial government works

·         Reviewing the year’s work for our PAT


In May, we:

·         Learned about translations, reflections and rotations of shapes

·         Began probability

In June, we will be:

·         Reviewing the year’s work in preparation for our PAT, including fractions, ratios, patterns, angles, per cent and decimals, word problems and general problem-solving skills


In May, we:

·         Learned about evidence and investigation, focusing in observations versus inferences

In June, we will be:

·         Reviewing the year’s work in preparation for our PAT, including air and aerodynamics, the principles of flight, sky science, evidence and investigation and trees and forests

Important Dates in June:

·         June 4: Field trip to the Rothney Observatory

·         June 17: Grade 6 Retreat to Edworthy Park

·         June 18: ELA PAT Part B (reading comprehension)

·         June 19: Math PAT

·         June 20: Science PAT & Year-End Mass

·         June 23: Social PAT

·         June 24: Play Day

·         June 25: Elementary Talent Show

·         June 26: Elementary Awards (am) and last day of school!

Brain Drain: How to Avoid Summer Learning Loss

It’s inevitable that all students will experience some learning loss over the lazy months of summer, when school is out and educational opportunities are fewer and far between, but did you know that children can lose as much as two months’ worth of learning during this time?

According to the National Summer Learning Association, research that goes back more than 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests given at the end of the summer than on the same tests given at the beginning of summer vacation. In the area of mathematical computations, students can lose as much as two months’ worth of learning! Parents also report that summer is one of the most difficult times to find productive things for their kids to do, and children are more likely to gain weight over the months of July and August as they are not as active as during the rest of the school year.

Here are some tips on how to keep your child engaged both mentally and physically during the summer months:

·         Read with your child daily. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to prevent summer learning loss. Reading to your child or having them read to you, even in the teenage years, is a wonderful and relaxing way to connect with your teen or pre-teen. Allow your child to choose a book they are interested in and curl up in a comfy place for 10-15 minutes a night.

·         Check out Calgary Public Library’s summer reading programs at your local library. Programs and library cards are free for kids, and children who read all summer have the opportunity to win great prizes.

·         Visit one of Calgary and area’s many museums, parks and nature preserves. For a fun and easy day trip, step back into the past at Heritage Park or take a nature walk in the forest at Fish Creek. If you’re looking to go a little further, visit Banff National Park or check out the dinosaurs at Drumheller.

·         Include math skills in everyday tasks. Have your child help you figure out the best value when grocery shopping, add and subtract fractions while baking, create a timetable or itinerary for holiday trips or figure out gas mileage or kilometers travelled on road trips. 

Remember, if at any time you’d like to discuss your child’s progress, please drop us an email. Mrs. Benoit can be reached at and Mrs. Lobley at We’d love to chat with you!