Mrs. Walsh's Website for Summer Reading, Math and the supply list for September 2016 for Grade 7



The summer reading assignment will consist of three books. The first will be Bud,Not Buddy  by Paul Curtis. A test will be given during the first week of school.  For the second book, you will read a biography or autobiography of a person you know nothing about. On the first day of school, you will bring in a timeline of that person.  The third book is to be a book of non-fiction. It is to be a book you have not already read. During the first week of school, you will give an oral presentation of that book. 


The following work is to be done over the summer. When your child returns in September an assessment on the selected skills will be given.  It will be the first grade of the first marking period.

The Math assignment is as follows:

1. Go to

2. Click on FUNDAMENTALS OF ALGEBRA TEXTBOOK COVER (right side turquoise color)

Under the subheading "Family Center" click on the "Skills Update"

4. Complete the following skills:

     a. Multiply Decimals

     b. Divide Decimals

     c. Factors Greater or Equal to 1

5. Click on textbook cover FOUNDATIONS OF ALGEBRA (Right side purple cover if back on the main page of "Family Center") or at the top of the website link.  

 6. Click on "Skill Updates". Complete the following skills:

   Properties of Multiplication and Addition

        Compare and Order Decimals

   Multiply and Divide Decimals

   The Coordinate Plane

   Classify Triangles and Quadrilaterals


If you need a refresher on any of the above skills please go to the Teacher Tube (Educational version of You Tube) or Kahn Academy and search the skills you are having difficulty with. There are also a number of lessons out there just by going to Google and searching for the skills as well. Have a great summer!!!! 


The Supply List is as follows:

Art Box - Plastic no bigger than 8x5




6 inch ruler

Glue Stick

Colores Pencils 

Pencil Case

Two (2) pens blue or black ink (NO GEL PENS)

12 Pencils

Three (3) boxes of tissues

One  (1) roll of paper towel

6 Double Pocket Folders

Loose-Leaf paper

Graph Paper

8 Notebooks (no spirals)

1- 5 subject notebook (Spiral)

Day Bag (string backpack or tote)

No binders or large plastic folders.