6/2  We are working on projects - Quinceanera and Coming of Age writings.  Even if there is no homework assigned, you should be working   on these projects. 

 6/2  Remember that exams are just two weeks away.  Be sure to get a study guide . . . and . . . STUDY!  :-)

Date due 5/26: letter 


Date due 5/03:pg 870 1-9 

Date due 4/27:  Study new vocabulary (quiz on Friday) AND Finish graphic organizer for Anne Frank. 

Date due 4/26: finish essay

Date due 4/20: graphic organizer 


 Date due 4/12: write a letter to the editor regarding a section of ch 18

vit quiz on the 4/09 

Date due 3/08: final editorial 

Date due 3/07: unscramble words and bring a novel 

Date due 3/22: benchmark essay 


 Date due 3/18: 2 page editorial

Date due 3/17: finish literary questions

Date due 3/16: page. 556 literary analysis ?'s 

 writing assingment pg.533 and log and letter

Test on -ben and -mal writing assignment p.525 use at least 3 words: cite,credible,support,accurate,counter-argument,bias

study -ben and -mal

 Date due 3/09: pamphlet due

Date due 3/08: log and letter

Date due 3/05:  Finish rough draft of How-to essay.  We were supposed to have a vocabulary test on -mal and -ben on Friday.  Stay tuned for that one!  Keep studying.  Remember to read and keep up your log. 

 -ben and -mal:  benediction, benefactor, beneficial, beneficiary, benefit, benevolent, benign, bonafide, bonus, bon voyage, dismal, malady, malaria, malefactor, malevolent, malfeasance, malice, malignant, malnourished, malodorous

Date due 3/03: come up with topic for how to essay 

 Date due 3/02: study -ben and -mal

Date due 2/26:mal quiz and pg 501 1-3 and vocab builder 

Date due 2/24: adv 2 words sentances and 2/25: biosketch Tongue out

Date due 2/23: none

Date due 2/22: log and letter 

Date due 2/19: Study for quiz for adv 2 sentences

Date due 2/17:  Write a letter and complete a log.  READ AT LEAST 50 PAGES!  Remember to have your parents sign this log. 

Study for test and finish draft and bring a book 

Date due 2/12: biological sketch due 

Date due  2/11: read pg 461-670 answer 5-6 

 Date due 2/09: 2 vocabulary sentences  venerated and assiduous

Date due 2/08 : log and letter due

 Study for vocab quiz

Date due 2/04: finish margin questions also for ADV write sentences for the first two wordsLaughing

Date due 2/03: worksheets 22 and 23 also all margin questions all the way up to page 446 (11 total ; skip first question)Smile