U.S. History


 6/2  We will take the Chapter 22 test again after watching Reconstruction: The Second Civil War.   Study!

 6/2  Exams are in two weeks.  Please pick up a study guide and get started!  

         The final will cover chapters 18-22. 

Date due 5/27: read and notes through pg 317


Date due 4/27:   Test ? Analysis 


Date due 4/20: study for quiz


Date due 4/15: quilt square re: African Americans at Mid-Century


Date due 4/09: to finish heading story to ch 17 

 Date due 3/08:test on ch. 17

Date due 3/07: work on presentation

Date due 3/22: test corrections

Date due 3/19: be ready to work on minidramas

 Date due 3/18: know your section

Date due 3/17: define blue words 


Test on ch 15 

Date due 3/11: project due (quiz on blue words) 

Date due 3/10: wb pages 106 

Date due 3/09: wb pages 103+104

Date due 3/08: foldable blue words and wb if failed ch 14 quiz 

 Date due 3/05:  QUIZ on chapter 14  . . . seriously!  It was scheduled for the 4th but we had to reschedule it.  

Date due 3/03: quiz on blue words and cartoon 

Date due 3/02: write one paragraph on jacksonian democracy

Date due 2/26: chapter 14 notes and pictues 

Date due 2/25: 14.3 & 14.4 notes with pictures 

 Date due 2/23: chapter 13 quiz and number 15 on quiz


 Date due 2/19: Map quiz

Due 2/17:  No HW currently due. 

None currently due 

 study chapter 12

No homework currently due

 Date due 2/04: finish workbook pages 78-81Foot in mouth

Date due 2/03: #8 on page 77 in your workbookSmile