Physical Science


Date due 5/03: 13-1 notes and wb 

Date due  4/27:  Create a study test for Chapter 12. 

 Date due 4/26: 12-2 notes and wb


Date due 4/15: rollercoaster lab 

Date due 4/12: 11-2 notes and wb 

Date due 4/09: 11-1 workbook 


 Date due 3/19: study for test on ch 10 and note cards are extra credit

Date due 3/18: 10-4 notes and wb 

Date due 3/16: 10-3 notes and workbooks 

 Date due 3/15: 10-2 notes and workbooks


Date due 3/12: 10-1 notes and wb 

Flash cards are extra credit 


Date due 3/05: Finish Energy Book. 

Date due 3/04: bring 6 pictures relating to energy 

Date due 3/03: 9-4 wb and notes and classwork if not done 

Date due 3/02: 9-1 notes and workbook



 Date due 2/23: final project due all  3 parts

Date due 2/17:  Nova's Greatest Inventor! Project  (This is worth TWO project grades!)  

Parents:  If your student managed to misplace his/her instruction page, call me at 818-366-8917.  I will be at the school on Saturday and on Sunday from 3-6.  I'll make you a copy of the instructions and you can pick it up at the school!  -Ms. Johnson

Date due 2/12: 21 note cards  

Date due 2/11: 8-3 work book 15-20 and study for the test  

Date due 2/09: 8-3 notes 1 and 2  8-3 workbook 1-14 

Date due 2/08: 8-2 work book and notes 

Date due 2/05: 8-1 work book and notes

No homework is currently due!Smile