Grade 9 Core French Curriculum

              Qu'est-ce que c'est???
The Grade 9 Core French Curriulum is divided into 3 sections which consist of Communication, Culture and General Language Education. Within each section, students will be required to meet a certain amount of objectives. Each section is designed to help students to meet what is expected within the course and to help them succeed within the Grade 9 Core French Program.
          The Communication section offers a chance for students to use French in order to establish and maintain relationships, to share ideas and opinions and to succeed. There are a several different activities and teaching strategies that will be used and are required that will be used to help the students to accomplish these objectives.
           The Culture section of the curriculum provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of French speaking cultures not only in Newfoundland and Labrador, but all across Canada. They are also expected to understand the relationship between language, culture and identity. For this section, students are required to participate, to discuss and to identify their knowledge through many different evaluation strategies.
        The General Language Education section enables the students to access information, to clarify and negotiate meaning to cope when engaged in different situations whether it is in English or French. Again, there are many different scenarios that they students are required to engage in order to demonstrate their knowledge and competence within this area.
    For further reading of the curriculum guide for Grade 9 Core French, please refer to the Newfoundland and Labrador Gouvernment website at:
Along with these 3 sections the course is made up of themes such as Family and Home, School, Leisure, Holidays and Travel. Each of these themes are used in every day lives therefore they are important components for the students to learn.