Goals for the Course

What are we looking to achieve???

It's Simple!!!

At the Intermediate level, (Grade 7-9), consists of 60% instructional time of oral comprehension and production along with the other 40% consisting of written comprehension and production. Which means more than half of the instructional time is devoted more to oral practice more so than written and grammar comprehension.

                         Culture is a big component of this curriculum and gives the students the opportunity to explore the French culture throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and across the world!

                          It also touches on interesting topics such as family, school , sports, leisure activities, holidays and travelling.

 According to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Intermediate Core French Curriculum "is an enriching educational experience, long recognized for its contributions to the social, emotional and intellectual development of learners. It fosters the development of problem solving and creativity, prepares students for opportunities to learn a third or fourth language and helps in finding employment."

For further reading: http://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/edu/k12/curriculum/guides/corefrench/intermediate/introchapt1.pdf


Our Goal: To educate the students of Grade 9 Core French to the best of their abilities. They will taught and instructed to learn more about French culture and will be able to effectively communicate about their hobbies, their family and their vacations in French.