Philosophy of Teaching French

How it's taught??   


           I believe that when teaching a second language it is very important that the lesson plan and class be guided in that particular language in order to practice communication. Students need to be able to practice and focus on the language at hand in order to be able to retain the information. As a teacher, it is important that I provided detailed lessons to the students and that I include plenty of time for them to practice their knowledge and communication skills. It is also important that I create different lesson plans and have many different teaching techniques so that I engage all students and keep them interested. It is very essential when teaching a second language, that the students are engaged at all times because if not, they will lose interest.

Core French Includes:

• basic communication skills

• language knowledge

• an appreciation of French culture

in Canada and beyond.

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                                        "Core French should be much

                                  more than grammar drills and

                                       translation exercises.

                                  Learning activities should balance

                                  listening, speaking, reading and



       According to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, "Only through experience and practise can students learn French as a means of communicating. This does not mean that grammar should be ignored, but it is important that it be taught in context."         

                      This means that today in the French classroom grammar is not the #1 priority. Grammar is taught in a non-conventional manner and there is more emphasis on the students learning the material more so than grammar. The focus is on trying to enable students to be able to understand the content and know the vocabulary in order to communicate instead of stressing grammar.


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For example: The Grade 9 Core French Course is divided into 3 sections: Communication, Culture and General Language Education.

Therefore under Culture SCO 9.1: Identify the advantages of knowing both official languages in Canada.


This means that students are required to understand and know the material pertaining to this outcome. They should be able to effectively demonstrate their knowledge and be able to communicate it. As long as the students know the material and are able to demonstrate their knowledge they will succeed within their answer; even without stressing grammar structure. As long as they can get their point across then they will be understood.


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