Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Period...

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that parents are always asking. If there is something I missed that you are concerned about, please do not hesitate to contact me!

How much participation will my child be involved in? Your child will be encouraged to participate at all times. Students learn the best when they are involved and will retain the information easier if they are taking part within the class.

How much is oral work? Oral participation is required 60%.

How much is written work? Written work is required 40%

What types of things will my child be learning in this course? They will be learning how to communicate and to talk about culture, hobbies, sports, leisure activities, family and also about travelling.

How will the class be taught? Will it be lecture only? It will be not be lecturing. There are many different teching technqiues when teaching French. Children need to be engaged and interested at all times, therefore it will be a constant change between lecturing, group work, activities, projects, etc.

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