Sample Outcomes

All curriculum in Newfoundland and Labrador is described using GCO's and SCO's.

A GCO means a General Curriculum Outcome and a SCO means a Specific Curriculum Outcome.

The Grade 9 Core French Course is outlined under 3 main GCO's such Comunication, Culture and General Language Education. Under each of these sections there is a detailed description of what is required from each student.

As well, under each section there are more specific outcomes that provides the information of what the students shall learn, hence the name Specific Curriculum Outcome.

Here is an example taken from the Grade 9 Core French Curriculum.

Chapter 2, Pg. 14.

GCO: Communication

              1. Students use French to establish and maintain relationships, to share ideas and opinions and to get things done.

SCO: At the end of Grade 9, students are expected to:

               9.13 Respond creatively and critically to various forms of artistic expression.

This means that that under the GCO is the detailed description of what knowledge the students should know, but under the SCO is how the student should portray his/her knowledge pertaining to the material.

It is the teacher's responsibility to cover all the GCO's and SCO's of the curriculum. There are many different teaching technqiues that will cover each GCO and SCO and also many resources out there that will help the teacher to incorporate all the required information.                

For further reading on the GCO's and SCO's please refer to: