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Instructions for accessing information about specific assignments on PowerSchool.

1. Input your family's username and password on PowerSchool (https://novaclassical-mn.powerschool.com/public/). If you do not currently know your username or password, contact Ms. Blum at mblum@novaclassical.org to request your information.

2. On your start page, select "Quick Lookup" from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. In the current semester's column (either S1 or S2), click on the blue grade for the class about which you would like more specific information.

4. A complete list of assignments will appear. Completed assignments will have a grade inputted; pending assignments will not. Assignments in blue have additional information provided; by clicking on the blue assignments, you can access additional information about the assignment under the heading of "Description." 

June--Below is an overview of the 5th grade curriculum throughout the month of June.


Remember that more specific information regarding daily homework assignments can be accessed through PowerSchool. The assignments that are due the next day should be completed for homework the previous night. (For instance, homework due on September 7th should be completed on the night of September 6th.)

Spelling (in each homeroom): We will cover two lists of commonly misspelled words.

Reading (with Ms. Heuett): We will read In Search of a Homeland throughout the month of June.

Grammar (in each homeroom): We will finish studying other punctuation and will cover a unit on proofreading for errors.

Writing (with Ms. Heuett): We will spend the remainder of the year working on writing five-paragraph essays.

History (with Ms. McLarn): We will be marching through Rome until the end of the year.

Science (with Ms. Westrum): We'll wrap up the year with a study of biomes.

Latin (with Mrs. Reynolds): All information regarding the Latin curriculum can be accessed at Ms. Reynold's webpage (www.classjump.com/NovaLatin).

Virtue education (in each homeroom): We will be focusing on the virtue of wisdom.

Logic (in each homeroom): We will learn about the slippery slope fallacy. We will also review for a cumulative test on all of the logical fallacies learned this year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Physical Education (with Mr. Martin): The Nova Olympics are scheduled for the first week of June; more information will follow.

Music (with Mrs. Urbrock): We have continued our Ancient and World Music unit. We are learning a Taiwanese song called "Gau Shan" and a traditional Japanese folk song called "Sakura." We are also playing records and treble clef notes. We will be reading a music history packet about the music of the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. We will learn about the koto, which is the national instrument of Japan. For fun: Ask your child to recite the "Lines, Lines, Lines" chant which teaches treble clef notes. ***REMINDER: The spring concert is set for May 15th, 6:45-7:30pm.***