Make your profile shine with a “Campus Ambassador” experience

One of the biggest roadblock for fresh graduates in getting a job is lack of relevant work experience. Employers value relevant prior experience for obvious reasons. Most graduates tend to take a short cut by taking the first available or most paying part time job which usually tends to be unrelated to their course work. Is there a work experience which ticks all the boxes:

  • Helps you develop relevant work experience
  • Enables personal development
  • Pays well?

I think we have one for you! We are excited to launch the GradVantage Campus ambassador program for Information Systems graduates from Universities and Colleges in Australia.

What exactly is a campus ambassador program?

A Campus Ambassador program is an informal position in a company or organization to maintain and increase their brand visibility among college/university students. These campus ambassadors essentially represent the company on their campuses of colleges/universities.

What is GradVantage?

GradVantage has a simple mission — Kick-start exciting careers for graduates by equipping them with in-demand skills and hands-on experience.

We bring together employers in the tech world and graduates in tech courses through our industry-focused cloud training programs supported by leading employers.

Why GradVantage is hiring campus ambassadors?

We want to promote and create a community with knowledge of cloud technology. The GradVantage campus ambassador will be the face and voice of the company in their respective campus representing our mission and vision by organizing various activities such as industry expert sessions and career advice sessions to help graduates choose the best option for them and be mentored on the path they choose.

What does a campus ambassador program have to offer?

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and outgoing students to represent GradVantage in their Campus by being part of our exciting Campus Ambassador Program.

You’ll receive professional development training, be part of an exciting VC funded start-up and support your peers in getting trained and hired for an exciting career in cloud technologies.

We also provide you with plenty of learning opportunities. It can help you develop multiple skills such as social media marketing, content marketing, organizing seminars, taking workshops etc. And the most interesting part is that you even get to earn rewards such as cash incentives, gift vouchers, and even some cool merchandise.

What is the difference between internship vs Campus


An intern is an interim employee created for an organisation. Campus ambassador is a brand coordinator. Both are important and needed..

A campus ambassador is usually expected to work 3 to 4 hours every week, and so it also helps you become a better planner in terms of managing your academic responsibilities along with your campus ambassador work. You can also include your campus ambassador experience on your resume — it is a valuable addition! :)

While applying:

Read about the company and what we do. Do check our website and social media platforms for more information. It will help you gain more knowledge before applying. We are looking for serious candidates.

Interested? Please apply today. Opportunities are limited to one per campus

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