About Mrs. Miller

       I grew up in Alabama with a very large, very loving family.  There were always cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents around.  I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood!  My mother was a teacher and I know this is where I developed the desire to become one, too.  I loved getting to help her!

     I attended The University of Alabama and have a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I taught in Savannah, Georgia for seven years.  This is where I met my husband, John(he is from Baton Rouge) and we were there until after our first child was born.  We now have three children.

    I have taught preschool at Southside Baptist Preschool, been the Director there, and have taught at Trinity for six years.  I have enjoyed every job, every student,  and every year of working with children!  I feel very blessed to get to be a part of so many lives!