Outdoor Signage




Outdoor signage can take many forms including: light boxes, 3D fabricated letters, pylon signs, window signs, school signs and shop signs just to name a few. When taking a look at these kind of signs there are many factors to consider including: the type of material, weather factors, what access is required, council permits and electrical requirements. Our team at Fabsigns can handle all these technical factors and more ensuring all aspects of the job have the appropriate council permits and are up to Australian electrical standards.


Exterior signage is vital in today’s world of constant advertising to make your organization stand out. Your brand needs to stake claim by using outdoor signage to ensure your presence is known, even if your building is not customer facing, brand awareness remains important.


Sneeze Guard Glass


How Do I Choose Outdoor Signage?

There are a number of factors that go into choosing your signage from building location, where the most visibility is versus the largest advertising space, lighting, power access and more. That’s why our team at Fabsigns send out an expert to your location to determine the best outdoor signage options to suit your specific business. The most effective options are usually found with a mixture of ingenuity and creativity.


Outdoor Signage Must Haves

Durability: Your signage needs to last and be durable against the elements. Higher quality materials will cost less in the long run when considering maintenance and replacement costs.


WOW Factor: Make use of bold colours and simple messaging to catch the eye of your customers.


Size:Go big or go home definitely applies to outdoor signs.Typically you have just a moment to catch the attention of a passerby, so make the most of it with signage they can’t miss.


Illuminated Outdoor Signs

Our team will collaborate with you on any additional elements that can increase your ROI and leads such as illumination options. Best practice for signage placement, you might have a street facing building, but also be able to take advantage of another side facing a high traffic highway or street, or perhaps roof signage maybe an additional measure if your rooftop is highly visible.


Outdoor signs for Events

You can make great use of pop up banners, tear drop flags, exhibition signage, media walls and more for your next outdoor event. Fabsigns products are easily collapsible and transportable to make set up and pack down efficient and simple and travelling a breeze.


From trade shows and exhibitions to product launches and media conventions to sporting events, Fabsigns can help with all your signage needs.


One of the most popular options with outdoor signage for events are the customizable options. Interchangeable graphics and slides that fit into the same frame allow you to easily switch between products or events without having to buy entirely new signs each time giving you the versatility and adaptability to change things up on the go.


Talk to our team at Fabsigns today for all your outdoor signage from window signs, shop signs, building signs, social distancing signs, school signs as well as interior signs including sneeze guards, counter guards and more.