The best kitchen sinks in 2020 are on the market in a solid variety.

How to choose a kitchen sink: purchase features


In order to decide on a worthy choice, it is worth understanding what potential differences the kitchen sink has, what are the advantages of each type. It is important to pay attention to such important parameters as dimensions, design, production material, etc. It is proposed to dwell on this issue in more detail.

Design solution
All those who want the kitchen to be not only practical and convenient but also beautiful should take a closer look at the mortise structures. Someone may want versatility, putting this parameter first. But at the expense of overhead sinks, it can be noted that this is an economical option.

Dimensions (edit)
Size indicators may be different, but the most common will be 70-80x50-60 cm. The depth of the model varies from 16-20 cm. But today, 19 cm is recognized as the best option.

Production material
The most demanded alloy on the market is nickel chromium. Ceramic and porcelain-based sinks may also be presented. But the best kitchen sinks 2021 are made of stone, as experts say. True, their cost is much higher.

additional characteristics
Here it is worth indicating the number of bowls. If it is alone, then such a sink is suitable for a small work area, but 2 bowls will be appropriate for use by a large family.

The presence of wings and shape are also equally important criteria. For example, sinks with an additional surface will be appropriate for kitchens with a large area, but rectangular sinks for narrow countertops. There are also triangular, round options. All of them have advantages, for example, they save space or ease of care.

Price question
Today there is a wide range of kitchen sinks on the market. Manufacturers offer both expensive options and budget sinks. For this reason, everyone will be able to choose the model that will suit their taste and will coincide with their financial capabilities.

For example, a sink made of natural stone will cost around 19-95. A more budgetary solution is a sink, which is made of stainless steel.

Rating of the best manufacturers of kitchen sinks in the budget segment
When choosing a kitchen sink, you should pay attention to who is its manufacturer. This is really important because a trusted brand provides a good device that will last a long time. Do not underestimate the sink. It is as important as the refrigerator in the kitchen, oven, and other household appliances. Due to it, order and cleanliness in the room are ensured. Actually, this largely affects the mood of family members as a whole.

Considering the budget variations, it is worth noting what unites their standard solution of shape and finish. The price can also vary due to the number of bowls, the installation method of the structure itself, and its depth. The complete set is presented, as a rule, with a minimum number of additional accessories.


The company began its existence more than 15 years ago. In fact, the Florentina brand is not yet that experienced, but this does not prevent it from conquering an increasing number of adherents of kitchen sinks in excellent quality. The company was able to create a personal production complex that meets the perfect equipment and the professional level of training of specialists.

The company employs a bureau of designers who carry out the full cycle of designing and producing prototypes of models. The main features of the brand include the release of sink options that are practical and convenient to use. They are available in a wide variety of colors. All this allows them to fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen in any home.

After analyzing the reviews on the Web, we can safely say that most buyers respond positively about this product, recommending the brand.

The main advantages

beautiful appearance;
the presence of different colors;
high rates of practicality.
The main cons

expensive granite sinks;
stains and traces of water ingress remain in dark colors.

The brand has been able to establish itself as one of the best among the leading manufacturers in the field of sanitary ware. The company has been known for over a decade. Its assortment is regularly updated. The line is distinguished by a special requirement for the quality of materials. It is worth noting that the equipment has high technological characteristics and full adaptation to the conditions of use of sinks in our country.


There are also options for large cabinets. They are equipped with 2 bowls. We must admit that such models are ideal for large families. In fact, consumers say they are happy with the brand's lineup. Such sinks perfectly resist mechanical damage, as well as temperature extremes. The price is also not overpriced, it exactly matches the quality of the sinks.

The main advantages

a large range of offers;
acceptable pricing policy;
durability characteristics;
high resistance to temperature changes;
the thickness of the metal is at a high level.
The main cons

lack of a complete set with a siphon in the case of many models of the brand's line.


The Granula brand today occupies a position of one of the most demanded in the domestic market. He specializes in the manufacture of kitchen sinks. The owners claim that there will be no problems with such a car wash. It will serve for a long time, delighting with quality. The company uses exclusively composite materials for the manufacture of models. They are able to decorate any room, giving the room a beautiful look. The Granula sink fits aesthetically into the overall interior picture.

The company pleases with premium models, as well as economy options. According to the opinion of the buyers, these are really good sink models that deserve the attention of modern consumers. The most demanded on the market are the artificial granite variations 7802 and 8002. Each of them is equipped with a wing. At a cost, they are quite affordable - 7 thousand on average, while the buyer will receive in return a built-in sink, the width of the cabinet of which will be 50 cm.

The main advantages

  • installation is as simple as possible;
  • affordability;
  • beautiful stylish appearance;
  • the quality of granite sinks is characterized by high performance.
  • The main cons

require respect for themselves.

The company has been known for 13 years. Melana originally specialized in stainless steel kitchen sinks. But later it was decided to expand the range. New technologies are used in production, but the company's products remain affordable for many buyers.

Today, many argue that Melana produces sinks only on the basis of high-quality raw materials. The manufacturer also pleases with the original design solution. The volumes are getting bigger every year. Products can last about 10 years, or even more. Of course, the timing will largely depend on how carefully and competently they are taken care of.

As for the cost, on average you can buy a Melan sink for 2 thousand. Most buyers pay attention to such models as 7245B, MLN-7549. These sinks are cut-in design. They are convenient because they need minimal maintenance.

The main advantages

the coating is durable;
the sink will last a long time;
the variety of shapes is pleasantly impressive.
The main cons

stainless steel looks cheap;
the budget segment is represented by thin metal;
surface damage may be related to the decision to use chemicals.

While studying which are the best brands for the production of sinks in 2020, you will definitely stumble upon the Granfest company. The manufacturer's line differs in rich options that are made on the basis of artificial stone. When manufacturing, the brand chooses raw materials that are pure and safe for humans.

The shelf life of such sinks is long. This is achieved through a high-tech production process that involves the use of innovative solutions. All models are particularly user-friendly. All standards of hygiene and sanitation are also observed. The range of products is large, but the most popular today are models such as Practic GF-P420, GF-P505, and Rondo GF-R450, GF-R580L.

The main advantages

  • sizes are presented in a wide variety;
  • the package is complete;
  • raw materials meet eco-standards, are safe;
  • the execution of the sink is beautiful.
  • The main cons

the quality of the siphons raises some doubts.


Teka is a brand from Germany. The company has been known for a long time. For the first time its products entered the market in 1924. Today the brand surprises with solid sales volumes. He managed to gain a foothold in the market, competing with other firms from different parts of the world.

It should be admitted that many buyers are delighted with TeKa sinks, noting that they show themselves in operation at the highest level. They will not scratch, make noise, and even completely safe and reliable to use. The sinks are presented with an excellent complete set from the manufacturer.

In general, if you are puzzled by the choice of a rectangular sink with a wing, and even so that it has a mortise design, take a closer look at the brand's lineup. On average, such a model will cost around 6 thousand, with a cabinet width of 50 cm.

Users note that the sink is silent due to the use of stainless steel, it is distinguished by good configurations, and the high quality of the material itself pleases.

The main advantages

  • the sink is resistant to mechanical scratches;
  • the form is comfortable;
  • the material has strong properties;
  • complete set.
  • The main cons

were not indicated.
Rating of the best manufacturers of kitchen sinks in the average price segment
This category includes manufacturers whose kitchen sinks can be bought for 3-4,000.


The English company pleases with an abundance of different types of sinks. The lines are represented by materials: stainless steel, protective glass, composite raw materials. Structures differ in high resistance to temperature extremes if we talk about granite chips. Also, such models are not difficult to care for. Monarch sinks have gained particular popularity. This is a collection of models based on treated steel that shine with metal. The release is carried out in 4 color solutions. These are anthracite, copper, gold and bronze.

The brand took care of explaining to the buyers the process of assembling their products. For this purpose, a video was recorded. It takes 3 minutes. From it you can find out that the installation is simple, even a beginner in this business can cope with it.

The manufacturer also guarantees that the sink will serve the buyer for more than 5 years, giving a guarantee for this period.

The main advantages

  • ease of installation;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • high-quality material;
  • lack of noise during operation;
  • resistance to mechanical shock.
  • The main cons

the structures are heavy.

The brand is German. The company is engaged in the production of stone and steel sinks. 80 percent of the granite material is made of rock, or rather its crumbs. This is Blanco's proprietary special technology. Such structures can withstand 280 degrees of temperature, and they are also resistant to mechanical damage.

The company's sinks are presented in a wide variety. They impress with the difference in sizes, shapes, and colors. There are several lines. Silgranit, for example, is easy to clean. For the price, such sinks are average, but the model range is narrow. You can buy a sink from the Progranite line for a cheaper price. In this case, the price will correspond to the quality.

The Tipo 45 S Mini and 45 C are in particular demand among buyers. In general, the owners of sinks from this brand are pleased with their decision to buy plumbing fixtures from a German manufacturer.

The main advantages

  • no difficulty in leaving;
  • hygiene indicators;
  • the choice of colors is solid;
  • installation is as simple as possible.
  • The main cons

product marks remain on light-colored models.


Manufacturer from the Czech Republic. The assortment includes models from 3 popular lines of kitchen sinks. Inox products are based on stainless steel. They differ in laconic design. Inox Glass is made of steel with strong characteristics. They are distinguished by a glass wing. But Pvd has special evaporative properties due to a special coating.

The brand offers different forms of sinks, as well as color solutions that are close to natural shades. Such constructions will serve for a long time. The complete set is complemented by a piece of polishing cloth, which will make the sink even more beautiful and shiny.

The main advantages

  • steel with optimal surface thickness;
  • complemented designs with overlays for noise suppression;
  • neat execution;
  • increased strength characteristics;
  • beautiful appearance.


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