Greats Up: A leading surfboards and standing paddle manufacturers in China

To surf, you need a trustable, reliable, and durable surfboard. Our company, Greats Up, has been manufacturing world-class surfing boards that are tried and tested by a team of professionals. We are the most demanding Surfboard Manufacturers in China who have been working since 2015 to create uniquely designed boards. You can start your surfing adventure positively only if your surfboard is reliable, and by connecting with us, you will get that in a flash of the delivery.

We are wholesalers and suppliers of the Standing Paddle Board, inflatable board kite boards, accessories, and Sup surfboards. Our rates are affordable compared to others in the market, and our quality is superior. The machinery and professional workers understand the need for surfing to bring out the best quality products for the customers. We focus on PRO and learner needs while designing the board.

We sell in bulk, and our team can take any size of the order from the market. We are very punctual in our delivery and send orders on time. Our factory is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and all the surfing products we manufacture have got CE certificate. We are a name of trust for the surfers because we are bringing them an ultimate piece of surfboards and standing paddles to enjoy in the water. To know more about the product range, you can visit the official website.

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