Traveling Book Characters

(Sept.  - Oct. )

Dear Parents,

A stuffed animal that is a character from books is provided in a bag. For 6 weeks, I send your child home with one of these characters and books for you both to read and discuss.

Each character comes with ONE response sheet for you and your child to fill out and ONE sheet for your child to do a drawing of one of the characters. PLEASE be the recorder of the information he/she shares with you about the book(s). ( PLEASE, do not ask them to do the writing !)

SPECIAL NOTE: you are only required to use ONE book for the response sheet BUT we hope you will read some of the other books and discuss them with your child informally.  

The purpose for sharing these books is for you and your child to start having “conversations” about author’s, illustrators, story content, and how the experiences in the story affect your child.

Bags will go home every MONDAY and we ask that they be returned no later than FRIDAY morning of the same week. This will enable us to rotate the characters and books to the next child who should receive them.

    The response sheet will be part of a Book Review Notebook and will be shared with the rest of the class.

    This is one way we like to support family reading and the enjoyment of books.

                            Happy reading !!



If you have questions:
    phone:    773-797-5211 (school)
                  847-296-7798 (home)