Listed below are things that parents often ask about. If something you need to know is not listed, please contact Greenie directly.



CONFERENCES:  There are 3 conferences this school year. The first is where you share information about your child, his/her learning style, personality, etc. The second is in November where I share my observations since Sept. The third is in February where you will receive a detailed report on your child's academic and social progress. Additional conferences are always availabe at a mutually agreeable date and time between parent and teacher. Greenie also encourages child,parent, teacher mini-conferences when there are concerns.


PARENT QUESTIONS or CONCERNS:  If you have any concerns or questions concerning your child and teachers of this classroom, please extend the courtesy of contacting me first. Please do not ask assistants to problem solve your concerns before talking to the head teacher. Most often, assistants cannot make decisions without verifying with the grade head and this puts undue pressure on them.


DISMISSAL:  While your child may think they know when a playdate is happening or where they are to go after school, it is necessary for teachers to have a written or verbal confirmation of this from the adult. Please do not ask your child to make decisions on playdates during school or set up a playdate before dismissal. We encourage you to use one of the following forms of communication: voice messages (773-797-5211), e-mails (, or a written note.



The First Grade Team would like to develop a consistent approach to “school” birthday parties. We have discussed, as a lower school faculty, the importance of recognizing children’s birthdays but doing so in a fashion that allows for a consistent and equitable approach.

We would appreciate your support with our decision by adhering to the following guidelines. We would also like to honor those children who have summer birthdays and ask that you consider having a half birthday or choose a date that could be used as your child’s “school birthday,” before the end of the school year.


1.    provide a nutritious snack, i.e. fruit, veggies, granola bars, etc.
        (no cupcakes or sweet products, please)

2.    consider reading a favorite book of your child’s to the class

3.    plan on a 20 - 30 minute celebration in the classroom - time frame to be worked out between individual teacher and parent

4.     if you cannot come to the classroom to celebrate your child’s birthday, we will make sure your child is honored by classmates
        and teachers on their designated day

     We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining this policy.

 FACULTY POLICY ON BIRTHDAYS of SIBLINGS in OTHER CLASSROOMS: It is the consensus of the lower school faculty that no student from another grade be allowed to attend an in-school birthday of their sibling during the regular school day. Please do not ask teachers to make exceptions.