Getting to Know the Teacher

My name is Bev "Greenie" Greenberg.  In September, I will begin my 19th year teaching first grade and it feels as new and as fresh as the first time I set foot in a classroom. I am a passionate, invested, enthusiastic teacher who is fueled by children, their energy and interests. There is no better career in my mind than that of a classroom teacher, especially one who works with 6 and 7 year olds.

I hold a Masters degree in Educational Therapy and another Masters in Classroom Psychology.

I appreciate people who are open, communicative, and honest. I hope you will learn quickly that I want you to feel you can talk to me about anything that concerns you and your child about first grade. I welcome your constructive criticism and look forward to our parent/teacher partnership as your child begins their year in my classroom.

Feel free to contact me whenever you have questions or concerns. I want to continue the great work you have already started in educating your child.