6th Grade Accelerated Math

What are we learning?

Welcome to Accelerated Math!

This is a block class so you will be in my class for two periods.  There will be a 4 minute break during class change.

This is a rigorous course and we will completing both the 6th grade advanced and 7th grade advanced courses in one year.  Students will take the 7th grade FSA in the Spring.  Upon successful completion of this course students will go to Algebra I or Algebra I Honors in 7th grade.

Click here for the class syllabus.

New access to the online textbook.

Go to Clever.com Choose Log in as Student - Click Log in with Active Directory - Log in with the same username and password used for Focus - Your textbook is ConnectED

Week of 8/14

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Week of 8/21

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Week of 8/28

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