The Life of Ben Franklin

The Life of Ben Franklin

January 17, 1706 - April 17, 1790


Ben Franklin was born into the family of a Boston candle maker. His importance and ideas defined the American character as we know it today. He contributed to much of the growth of the United States through his innovations and ideas.

  • Franklin was born in Boston, MA and was the fifteenth child of Josiah and the eighth child of his mother Abiah
  • He received an honorary degree from Harvard, Yale, University of St. Andrews, University of Oxford and University of Edinburgh

Throughout his notable career, he actually help many different position.

10 Jobs Held by Franklin:

1) Printer

2) Writer

3) Politician

4) Inventor

5) Scientist

6) Volunteer Firefighter

7) Librarian

8) Postmaster

9) Bookstore owner

10) Soldier in Philadelphia militia