Book Club Information

Book Clubs are typically done in 2 week sessions.  Students will be given a schedule and a discussion guide.  Meetings will be 2 times per week (usually Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday).  Some of the work will be done in the session and some will be done independently. If you are interested in this option, please form your group before contacting me.  Once I have an idea of who will be in the group, we will decide on a book choice.  Some books I have available in my collection, others may need to be purchased.  Minimum amount in a group is 3 students.  Maximum amount is 6 students. 

Sample Schedule for Book Club Meetings


  1. Students arrive and do a brief warm-up activity for grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling skills-10 minutes


  1. Students will discuss job sheets previously completed-30 minutes (on day 1, we will start reading the book together)


      3. Students will come back and play a game relating to spelling, reading, or grammar-5 minutes


      4. Writing Wrap Up-We will focus on one writing skill each meeting and practice it-10 minutes


      5.  Homework review-we will go over what students are expected to do for the next meeting-5 minutes




Breakdown of days of reading below:


The book that the group decides to read will be broken up into sections so that the students will know exactly how much they have to read each time.

Example for a book that is 250 pages:

Day 1- Meet with Mrs. Vizzi and read at least 25 pages

Day 2- Read 25 pages on your own (complete job 1)

Day 3-Meet with Mrs. Vizzi and read 25 pages

Day 4- Read 25 pages on your own (complete job 2)

Day 5- Read 25 pages on your own

Day 6- Read 25 pages on your own (complete job 3)

Day 7-Read 25 pages on your own

Day 8-Meet with Mrs. Vizzi and read at least 25 pages

Day 9-Finish your book before the last meeting (complete job 4)

Day 10-Meet with Mrs. Vizzi and discuss the end of the book and your job sheets.  *Celebrate finishing the book on the last day with a treat and fun activity!