Reading Assessment Information

My first meeting with your child will be for getting to know their strengths/goals as well as assessing them to find out their current reading level.  This will help me determine recommendations for novels and skills to practice in future meetings.  A running record is a way to collect data about a child's specific skills.  The student will first read through several lists of words that get progressively more difficult.  Then the teacher will choose a  passage that corresponds to the word list that they stopped on (if a student gets 2 or more words wrong on the list, they stop at that list).  The student will read the passage out loud as the teacher takes notes on the student's accuracy, self-correction, and pronunciation.  The teacher will then ask the student several questions about the passage to check comprehension.  This assessment is a valuable tool for teacher's to get a better understanding for how to pinpoint what reading skills a child needs more work on.