Our first day in Suisse

4:30 p.m. Suisse 

We have made it with all our fingers and toes.  I will post more later today.


-Mr. Ort


10:34 p.m. Suisse

Okay!  Mrs. Reinhardt and I have just kicked the girls out of our room so we can blog, post, and finally sleep.  YEAH!  36+ hours and I'm getting a bit whacky.  The following pictures are from our travels thus far starting from Grier and ending in Les Crosets, Suisse.  Enjoy!


 Mr. Ort getting some French help from Mrs. Schauffer.

Mr. Ort getting French lessons from Mrs. Shaffer.  Merci Mrs. Shaffer! 



Rooms clean and ready to go!


Getting ready to check our baggage.



 A little bored in JFK.


Last picture before we board the jet.


Six hours across the isle from these two?  Oi!


Running the wrong way on a moving walkway in the Geneva airport.


We made it through customs!


Do you want to call the taxi?  No, do you?


The view from our bus to Les Crosets.

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