Day number two



The day started off cold but beautiful. The tips of the mountains were covered in clouds and a gentle snow flurry was making the scene picture perfect. Mr. Ort was shocked how different the snow flakes here are. In fact, they are not flakes at all. Little snow pellets would be more precise. By the end of the day we got about 5cm of fresh powder.

We had a very French breakfast. Coffee, Crescents, raw ham, toast, jam, fresh bread, oatmeal, cereal, granola, juice, milk, yogurt, and Mrs. Reinhardt's new favorite muesli. After a good breakfast we headed to the Portes du Soleil office to get ski passes. Next was the alimitation (mini grocery store). Finally, arms full of snacks, we headed to the ski rental shop. After a very long measuring and fitting with very poor French language skills we had our skis/boards and headed to the slopes.

Once all the troops were rounded up we heading to the first lift. It was then that we realized that four of us couldn't get into our bindings. The ski shop messed up the measurements and so some of us had to hike it back down to Les Crossets. This was when Mrs. Reinhardt took her fall and separated her shoulder. After getting our binding fixed Mariana and Ximena headed to the pistes and the old folks heading to the first aid station.

In the evening after some silly snow play a group of girls and old fogies heading to a local pizzeria. After a some good pizza and salad we all headed back to our rooms to sleep. Jet lag has taken it's toll on most of the group today.



Would you like some toast with your jam?


Happy breakfast time.... except for that cranky Mrs. Reinhardt.


Mr. Ort wants to make it known that we took this picture BEFORE Mrs. Reinhardt fell.  He doesn't think he is that mean.  We KNOW the truth.


We have passes.  We have skis.  Let's go!



Mr. Ort has many creative punishments ready to keep the peace in Suisse. Hey, that rhymes!

Playing SMASH in Mr. Ort and Mrs. Reinhardt's room.



Ximena only fell once. She lost her camera in 5 feet of snow and by some miracle Maria Jose found it!

Mariana only fell 1000 times. (She and Mr. Ort are planning on skiing together tomorrow.)

Yivonne loves her parents and is having fun. (She still hasn't found a Suisse boy.)

Daniella was skiing "blind!"  She couldn't tell what was snow and what was sky.

Ana Lichtle LOVES skiing on this powder.  It doesn't hurt when you fall!  AND says her Mom is SOOOOOOOOO sweet (and Dad too)!


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