Day number three

March 10

The morning started off great. After a big breakfast all of us, minus the injured Mrs. Reinhardt, strapped on boots, skis, and boards and headed out to one of the most beautiful mornings Mr. Ort has ever seen. Unfortunately, Mr. Ort did not trust his skiing skills enough to bring the camera with him. He will risk it next time. Mariana and Mr. Ort headed to the bunny slope while the rest of the gang spread out all around according to their skill level. We were able to get in three gorgeous hours of skiing and 10 cm of fresh powder... then came the blizzard!

After lunch there were near white out conditions. None of us were brave enough to venture out on the piste so we stayed indoors and played games and took naps. It was a blessing in disguise since we are all pretty tired and sore from skiing that morning. We are all discovering that 10 cm of powder takes a lot more energy to ski in than the 2 cm of ice we have at Tussey Mountain.

At 6:30 (for those of us who weren't LATE) we all ate lots of yummy food in our hotel. Jambon (ham) with frite (fries), spaghetti, fondue formage (cheese), salad, and much more! We then headed downstairs to the hotel living room and played catch phrase until we were puffy eyed and sleepy.

p.s. Mrs. Reinhardt says thank you to all who have sent your condolences about her shoulder. She wanted to let you know she is getting better faster than expected and plans to ski tomorrow come heck or high water.


Heading out to the slopes.



The girls are always ready for a photo.



Mr. Ort is a nerd.  Poor Mariana.


That's not fog.  That is SNOW!!


Skiing in this is no fun at all.


I heard there were a lot of good looking ladies in Suisse.  I didn't know they were are all going to be from Grier!


Spoons.  What a wonderful and violent game.  (Note that we didn't have spoons, hence the dice)



 In Homage of Mr. Wilson.


Homage du Monsieur Wilson .  Bon.


 This joke is still funny!        (We love you Mr. wilson)


Did you see cute hombres??


 Playing Catch Phrase.





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