Day number four

March 11th

Day four was a sleep in day. Normally the girls are required to go to breakfast but since they were getting really droopy eyed they got to snooze away. The group split up and spent the morning skiing with their various groups. Daniella, Maria, Alexa, and others dared the red and black slopes. They even made their way into France via ski trails. Mr. Ort and Mrs. Reinhardt went to the top of a fairly large mountain and learned the hard way that powder is WAY different than east coast snow. Mr. Ort was amazed that they were so high up that it was a bit harder to breathe.

Mrs. Reinhardt and Anna L. made some very yummy sandwiches for lunch and then we all headed on our skis to the village of Champery, CH (Suisse). We only got a little lost on the piste but we made it to the giant cable car called the telepherique Champery. We ditched our skis and headed on the cable car down the mountain to Champery.

In Champery we stopped by the banque (bank) and at a grocery store. We loaded up on chocolate for our families and then walked the streets of Champery doing some window shopping. It should be noted that it was the first time the girls were able to find any hombres that met with their stringent standards. After plenty of walking through the village in ski boots we were ready to head back to Les Crosets.

Tonight was night skiing. Not all of the girls partook in this event but few did. This was Mr. Ort's first time really trying out night skiing and he really enjoyed it. Skiing in the powder by the glow of a full moon was a great deal of fun. Tired and sore everyone hit the hay early tonight.


Suisse to the left.  France to the right.


I don't know what is more beautiful.  Mrs. Reinhardt or the mountain in the background?  I'm going to go with Mrs. Reinhardt!



It may look cold but man was it hot up there!


The view from the cable car to Champery.


Going down?



Walking through Champery.

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