Day number five

 March 12th

Le jour de Remmy.

For you Grier folks out there we met Mr. DuPasquier in Suisse today! We all had a wonderful breakfast and headed out on the slopes in one big group. We wanted Mr. D to show us around and to take us into France. Mr. D took us on piste's that we didn't even know existed. After a full morning of skiing through some of the best Suisse and France have to offer we ended up at a little outdoor bistro just inside the French border. It was a very strange little place. If you took away the snow and the skis you would have sworn you were on some Caribbean island somewhere. We sat and enjoyed the 4 degree weather (that's 39ish degrees Fahrenheit for you non-metrication folks) and basked in the sun.

After a relaxing lunch we headed back into Suisse. Our trip took us to one of the taller mountains in Portes du Soleil, Pointe de Mossette, which is 2277m (7470ft/1.41miles) tall. We got some great shots from the peak of Pointe de Mossette below. After catching our breath (hard to breath at the altitude for us flatlanders) we headed back down to our hotel. Now, Mr. Ort and Mrs. Reinhardt suggested the girls follow them down the blue (easiest) trail, however, the girls didn't seem to believe them or decided that they could handle the red (intermediate) trail. So, they followed Mr. D and Mr. Ort/Mrs. Reinhardt headed down the other way. Guess who got down first? While the old fogies had a VERY easy piste to follow, the ladies had a red piste which turned into black piste! They all made it but it took them a lot of starting and stopping. It took so long in fact that Mr. Ort was able to make it down Pointe de Mossete, hop on another lift, ski from the top of Croix du Culet, and get his skis off before the ladies made it to the hotel. WHEW! By using Google Eath and backtracking our route we skied about 10.5 miles today. Wow.

Once the lifts closed the girls headed back to their hotel rooms to rest and wash and the adults did the same. The girls also worked on their igloo. We then all went to the Hotel Telecabine for dinner. The girls ate in the main cafeteria and Mr. Ort, Mrs. Reinhardt, Mr. D, and Merrie Noel (sorry for my horrid spelling Merrie) went to the Raclette/Fondue room. Now most of us are familiar with fondue, however, not everyone is aware of raclette. Raclette is a semi-firm, salted, made from cows milk. It comes from the Valias region of Suisse (where we are at) and is eaten on special occasions with family and friends. The cheese is heated using a special grill or by an open fire and then scraped onto the plate. In fact, raclette comes from the french word racler which means “to scrape”. It is served with white wine or hot tea (water is said to cause cheese balls in the stomach... yeah right) and with pickles, small potatoes, peppers, pickled onions, and cold meat (deli meat). You can then eat the cheese with the veggies, or as Mr. Ort likes to do, just eat the cheese by itself, and then eat the veggies separately.

After dinner the girls went back to their rooms to crash and the adults said their goodbyes. It was the busiest of days yet and we all needed a good night's sleep.

Thanks so very much to Mr. D and Merrie Noel for their hospitality, kindness, and their seemingly infinite knowledge of Suisse and Portes du Soleil. We were all able to enjoy much more of the Suisse experience than we would have been able to on our own. So again, merci mes amis merveilleux.

Until next time... au revoir!


Some words from from the ladies:

Maria G. had fun with Ana Lucia in the powder.

Ana Litchle says our homemade sandwiches are really good (she is a good helper!) and she loves the sun in the snow.

Yivonne is tired! And...she loves her parents. (Maria G says she snored ALL NIGHT!)

Ana G. says she loves skiing with no jackets or gloves. (We ALL agree.)

Mariana feels like she's in Acapulco because it is so warm.

Ximena & Yivonne got a tan sleeping in the snow.

All the girls had fun building an Igloo.

Ana Lorena went down a black trail with Mr. D!

Daniella is purple (from wind and sun)

Alexa & Daniella are working on their 360 turns.



I think I see Mr. D back there.




Dents du midi.


Let's head on out.


Some views from our ski slopes:









Google spaghetti cat if this makes no sense.


Lunch in France!  We made it!


 Hungry chicas.


Ahhh.  You are never too far from home.


Is this France or Cancun?


Uh ladies.  I think the igloo is for little kids.


Our guide looking very french indeed.


Okay old fogies.... we are ready to GO!


Mr. Ort looking like some sort of duck/human hybrid.  Put on some sun screen goggle face!


Mr. D and Mrs. R.  


Open your eyes Mrs. Reinhardt.  It is time to get up.


Mr. Ort wants you!


Maybe we should build an iglo......?




Meester Orrrt.  I am SOOO hot!





The first bend on Dents du Mossette.


Are we almost finished?  Our legs are rubber.


Mrs. Reinahadt.... time to open your eyes again and wake up.  You sure do seem to close your eyes a lot.


You are all whimps!  I'm ready to ski another 10 miles.


Looking tired there goggle face.


Aww shucks.  Ain't they the cutest?  (Why does Mr. Ort look like a giant in this picture????)


 Our hotel is waaaaay down there.  Remember, this is at 3x zoom!


Dents du midi with the clouds cutting off the top of the "teeth".


Mr. Ort's shot dujour.  Dents du midi peeking through the clouds.


 This is for Dave.  I think you may just have to get one of these.

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