Day number ten (Venice)

March 17


We left Milano early to head east towards Venezia (Venice). While all the girls, both big and small slept, Mr. Ort enjoyed views of the Northern Italy farm lands. Flat, greenish brown, with lots of stereo typical Italian ranches. It reminded Mr. Ort of a Iowa with a Mediterranean feel. We arrived at Funisa, which is a port that runs ferries to Venice, at around 3:00. We waited for the ferry and headed to the island of Lido where our hotel was located. Of course the hour of waiting was a photo opportunity.

Unfortunately the gentlemen running the ferry dropped us off at the WRONG stop and we missed the hotel employee who was sent to meet us. Mr. Ort and Mrs. Reinhard did their best to talk to the locals with their poor grasp of the Italian language to try and find out where exactly our hotel was. After about 30 minutes a lovely young lady walked up to us and asked us if we were from the Grier School. Hooray! This poor girl walked 2 kilometers from the correct stop to meet us. She got us on a bus and guided us to our hotel safely. She even paid for all of our tickets! Add to this... it was her first day working for the hotel! What a trooper.

The girls were immensely impressed with the small hotel we had in Venice. It was very nice and exactly what you would think a fine thee star hotel should look like in Venice. Plus, we were the only guests so the girls could relax and be as loud as they wished and Mr. Ort didn't have to be an old cranky man.

We unpacked and relaxed for a few hours and then headed down the street to a local pizze (no, that is how the spell it here) joint. The food was good and reasonable and we all let our hair down and had some fun. Yvonne learned the lesson that pepperoni pizza in Italy is not the same as it is in the States. Pepperoni=pepper pizza over here. Poor Yvonne had to pick her pizza apart but she still enjoyed it. That's part of the fun of discovering a new culture. When ordering food you never know what you may get.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and got some well needed rest. Pictures are few today since it was mostly a traveling day but something tells me tomorrow we will have pictures galore!



Well of course it is fake.  They never sit this still!




Shoving off on the ferry.


The ladies in front of the Adriatic Sea.


Ready for some good food after a long day of travel.

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