Day number twelve (Rome)


March 19

After an early breakfast we headed out of our hotel in Venice to catch the ferry back to the mainland of Italy and from there a LONG bus ride to Rome. We were all a little sad to say goodbye to our comfortable beds and gracious hosts.

It is a long trip from Venice to Rome and the girls big and small slept. Even Mr. Ort, who up to this point able to stay awake during traveling, gave into heavy eyelids. Luckily Mr. Ort did wake up about an hour or so outside of Rome to see some of the most interesting countryside he had ever seen. It looked a lot like Hawaii. Flat fertile farmland dotted with trees here and there divided by old mountain ranges. Change the climate and you could have sworn you were on the big island. It was obvious to see why mankind bled for this land for thousands and thousands of years.

It was nearly late afternoon when we got to our hotel. It is located pretty far out from the city center in EUR district. The EUR stands for the Esposizione Universale Roma. It was a massive building project started by Mussolini to celebrate 20 years of fascism. The construction of the area started in 1935 and was to finish in 1942. As you have already guessed construction was halted due to World War II. After the war it was decided to keep the area and finish construction. In 1960 the Summer Olympics were held there. It is full of wide streets (Mussolini love his parades), white stone, flat sleek buildings with a touch of Roman architecture, and simple statues. The EUR district gives us a good idea of what Rome would have looked like if fascism had stayed in power. Anyhow, enough of the history lesson.......

The hotel we stayed at was nice but the location wasn't the best. Not unsafe just not 'girl friendly'. So, Mr. Ort and Mrs. Reinhardt headed out to grocery stores, snack bars, gelaterie (of course), and etc. We had dinner and headed to bed. Tomorrow: Centro!

Sorry there are only two pictures. Travel days are boring picture days.



Ciao Venice!




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