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As of 10/7/10  owl packages have been sent out to the #1 people on 3 lists. If you have not sent me your mail and you are #1 on the lists, please do so ASAP. I can be reached at
Hello everyone!
I am sparklinteach from proteacher. We have around 20 participants so far from places like New York, Alabama, and even Jersey Shore! I am excited about the project and have been scouting all over town for stuffed toy owls. The only luck I had was the little snow owl cuddly toys from Burger King. I figured since we all have access to those, it would be easy in case we would need a replacement for any reason. I bought 5 owls and will be sending them to the top #1 person on all 5 lists. Please look below for your email address.  If you're the 1st person on the list, be expecting your owls the week of October 4. After Griffin takes a tour of your classroom and town, send him on to the next person on the list. You will need to contact your receiver to get his or her school's address. Along with Griffin, feel free to send student letters, or whatever you wish. If you are the number 5 person, you get to keep the owl!  Please email me with any questions, information, and pictures. Have your students participate in the classroom assignments and document Griffin's adventures. Once your information is sent to me, I will post it to the Griffin website. The website will be complete Friday, September 24. Have your classroom take a tour of the website regularly for updates. I can't wait to document Griffin's migration through the U.S. Please share your owl lesson ideas. I hope I have explained everything thoroughly. Thank you so much for participating in our owl classroom exchange and for enriching your students' learning.
-Michelle Courtney
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