What is Netiquette?


Netiquette is the right way of communicating on the internet. Think about the word etiquette, you have to have manners and be polite among other people. It's the same way with netiquette except its on the internet. You basically need to respect others online. We need to spread positivity rather than negativity on the internet. Not only that but you have to be careful of what you post because you don't want to post private information of yours on the internet. There  are more rules other than that, even though there is not necessarily a list. Basically you need to respect yourself and others on the internet.Students nowadays use the internet all the time and they need to know how to use it more than anyone.Students and even others can say things online that can lead to misunderstandings or that can hurt others.


Some examples of Netiquette would be: Think before you type, do not comment on posts that were not meant for you, Be positive, and treat others the way you want to be treated.


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