copyright, plagiarism and Fair Use

What is copyright, plagiarism, and fair use?

Copyright, plagiarism, and fair use all come in digital citizenship. Digital citizenship  refers to a person utilizing information technology in order to engage in society. Therefore copyright is not illegal  and plagiarism is illegal and should be stop. I will explain why plagiarism is illegal and why copyright is not.

 Copyright is the exclusive legal right. It is given to organtor or and assignee to print, publish or film. Also to authorize other to do the same. It is also included in constitution. It is very useful to to protect other people's work.

   Plagiarism is illegal and not right. It is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas. This is also called piracy theft, and it is wrong to do. Taking someone else's work and claiming it as your own is wrong. Every school should prevent plagiarism from happening. Piracy theft was first used in 1980. Which was a slogan people used for stealing.

 Fair use is in the U.S copyright law the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material. Fair use and copyright are related. You should never steal someone's work if so you shouldn't take full credit for it. Fair use is often used for commentary.


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