Internet/Email Safety

How can we teach our kids to be safe when using the internet or email?


In today's world, one can never be too careful when pSMART eSafety Posterarticipating online or through emails. The risk of hackers, false information, predators, and other scary factors always is in the back on a parent's mind while their child is using any sort of internet or social media application. It is so important that our children understand how to be safe on the internet and warning signs to look for that may indicate when something is not right. Using the acronym "SMART" to teach your children about internet safety is a safe, quick way to teach children to think if a situation arises.  




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Email Safety is just as important of a topic to disucss with your children. Through emails, children can sometimes get involved in conversations with people who they consider to be friends that could turn out to be predators or hackers. Sometimes, emails contain viruses that can take over and break down the child's computer system. Teaching your child to have his or her guard up and to not open emails or links that he or she is not familiar with or expecting to get can help save your child from viruses and from talking to strangers.





Additional Parent Resources

Staying Safe Online provides a quick list with tips on how to safely use the internet. There are additional lists that give direction on what to do if you are being bullied online, and 10 tips for mobile phone safety.  

The Child Rescue Network provides a lot of information and statistics about using the internet safely. 

This site provides email safety tips. 

Safekids provides more ideas and tips on how to help keep your child safe. 

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