What is Netiquette?

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What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is defined as "the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet."

When most people hear the word, netiquette, their minds automatically think of etiquette. So are the two terms related? Yes, they are, actually. Etiquette is the code of polite behavior in society or among people of a specific group. When you look at that, you understand how netiquette is compared to this. It is the same concept, however it is strictly focused on the behavior displayed while working through the internet. 

Fourth graders explain what they understand netiquette to be, below.


The acronym above is a great presentation of what to think about everytime one uses the world wide web. When wondering if the correct netiquette is used, ask yourself "Is what I am doing "SMART?" The first letter of this says to be safe. This means to think before doing. Is the information protected? This is a reminder not to share any confidential information, such as photos or giving someone your address online, publically.  The second letter says don't meet up. This one is pretty straight forward as in what it means. Do not ever meet someone you do not personally know. Sometimes people do a scary job at pretending to be someone they are not. The third letter says accepting emails can be dangerous. If emails are received and you do not trust the source or the information makes you uncomfortable, tell an adult so they can be deleted. Never reply to unknown or junk mail. The fourth letter is used for is it reliable? This means one should always think before trusting what you see or hear from the internet. The fifth and final letter says tell someone. If anything seen or heard on the internet makes you scared or uncomfortable, let someone know. 

Here is an overview of what you should look at to ensure you are following the netiquette guidelines.

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Parent Resources

Netiquette for Parents provides a list of suggestions that you, as a parent, can look at to ensure your child is getting all of the security he or she deserves. 

Symbaloo has offered a premade variety available resources to use in protecting your children


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