Ms. Sully's Preschool & Family Literacy

 Welcome to Ms.Grace's Family Literacy Page !

 What is family Literacy?   

Family Literacy is Teacher & Family Involvemnt, interacting at School or at home to help promote literacy at school and at home. Children enjoy this experiece with their families and teacher supporing each other through activities.

Some Activites include:  Shutting off the the electronics at home. Grabbing a book, board games and interacting with one another.

This doesn't take much time, for working families, it can be a small activity of reading for 10 minutes or a ride to the post office and going to school.


  •  Looking through the newspaper together.
  • Read a story together, pointing out key words.
  • Boost vocabulary by naming items on your way to the post office, school, and grocery store.
  • Visit the library together!
  • Teach your child a song or nursery rhyme you remember from your childhood. Sing it, chant it, and clap it!

  • Ask your child about her day using open-ended questions: “What did you have for breakfast?

What was your favorite part of the day?”

Play with magnetic letters or big letters cut out from a magazine. Show your child how you can add or take away letters to make new words.