recommended books for preschool

Reading with Young Children

Even the youngest children love hearing a story. Reading to your child shows him you care about him, and it's one of the best ways to help your child learn. Our editors recommend these books for preschoolers. The synopsis will help you find a title for your child. If you want to buy the book, click on the book cover to order from

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26 Letters and 99 Cents - by Tana Hoban

A "must have book" for children. On one side of the book you can learn the ABC's, then turn the book around and learn the beginning concepts of counting coins.





39 Uses for a Friend - by Harriet Ziefert

This unique book illustrates and lists 39 ways that a friend can be there for another. A cute book for anyone who considers someone a true friend.





A Bargain for Frances - by Russell Hoban

Frances finds a way to get back at her friend when she tricks her. How does it make the friends feel?





A Big Bed for Jed - by Laurie Friedman

A wonderful story about a child's reluctance to move from a crib to a bed. See what effects reverse psychology can play in changing those views!





A Picture Book of Hanukkah - by David A Adler

This book is simple in the explanation of the Jewish soldiers' fight to gain freedom to worship as they pleased. It is a good read for both Jewish and non-Jewish children.





A Turkey for Thanksgiving - by Eve Bunting

Mrs. Moose would like to invite Turkey over for Thanksgiving dinner. Can Mr. Moose convince him to join them at the table?





ABCDiscovery - by Izhar Cohen

In this book each letter of the alphabet is represented with a picture full of objects. Come play I spy for all 26 letters.





Albert's Halloween - by Leslie Tryon

Read along with Chief Inspector Albert and his detectives as they try to solve the case of the missing pumpkins.





All the Colors of the Earth - by Shiela Hamanaka

An introduction to the ways in which people are all the same, even if they look different.





Alphabears - by Kathleen Hague

This wonderfully illustrated book includes quick verses about twenty-six bears. A great alphabet book.





An Alphabet Book of Cats and Dogs - by Sheila Moxley

A unique and colorful book of cats and dogs participating in human activities. A cute book for cat and dog lovers alike.





And to Think that we Thought We'd Never be Friends - by Mary Ann Hoberman

A sister and brother learn to get along with one another.





Appaloosa Zebra - by Jessie Haas

This is the perfect alphabet book for the child who loves horses.





Apple Batter - by Deborah Turney Zagwyn

Witness Loretta as she waits for her apple tree to produce apples, while her son Delmore works on hitting that perfect pitch. This story about perserverance shows that patience and practice pay off.





Apple Farmer Annie - by Monica Wellington

This is a colorful story about Annie and her apple farm. Tag along with her as she picks apples, bakes with them, and sells her goods at the market.





Apples, Apples, Apples - by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Join Minna and Pip as they accompany their parents to the apple orchard. Learn about the parts of an apple, how to make applesauce, and more.





Baseball Saved Us - by Ken Mochizuki

In 1942, life was pretty difficult for the Japanese-Americans while they lived in the "camps". Can baseball help those to pass the time?





Bear's Christmas Surprise - by Elizabeth Winthrop

Before Nora left Bear with Mrs. Duck, she left Bear with instructions that he wasn't to peek at the presents. What does Bear do while Nora is out?





Bein' With You This Way - by W. Nikola-Lisa

Sing a song that celebrates both similarities and differences.





Being Careful with Strangers - by Kate Petty

This book deals with a child's desire to talk to a stranger in order to pet his dog. This story is easy for a young child to understand.





Best Friends - by Steven Kellogg

Kathy and Louise are best friends that do everything together. One summer Louise goes on a trip with her family and makes some new friends; but how does Kathy react?





The Best Halloween of All - by Susan Wojciechowski

Ben is 7 years old and has not liked any of the Halloween costumes his parents have made for him over the years. Parents will be amused at the simplicity of the costume Ben creates.





Big and Little - by Margaret Miller

A wonderful book that reinforces the opposites-Big and Little.





Big Fat Hen - by Keith Baker

A vibrantly colored book which has the reader counting to ten with the big fat hen!





A Bird and His Worm - by James Kaczman

This bird does not like like flapping his wings to fly so he walks instead. When he befriends a worm, what situations will they encounter on their trip south for the winter?





Birds - by Samantha Gray

A very informative book in the Eye Wonder series about many different birds. Any child showing interest in all types of birds would definitely love this book.





The Birdwatchers - by Simon James

Grandad loves to go birdwatching and then tell stories about everything he sees. Jess doesn't understand the thrill of the entire experience so she decides to go and see what the excitement is all about.





Boats for Bedtime - by Olga Litowinsky

A colorful book that introduces us to different types of boats. An enjoyable book for boat lovers of all ages.





Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? - by Bill Martin

Children will learn different colors and animals while rhyming their way through this very popular and fun book.




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Bumblebee, Bumblebee, do You know Me? - by Anne Rockwell

Let your child guess which flower is being described by each insect. A great introduction to different flowers and bugs.





Bunny Cakes - by Rosemary Wells

Max and his sister are each making a birthday cake for their Grandma. How is each of them unique?




Bunny Day - by Rick Walton

A wonderful rhyming story follows the bunny family through their scheduled day. Witness the activities they all take part in, every hour on the hour.





Butterflies in the Garden - by Carol Lerner

This is a wonderful book for children fascinated with butterflies. Learn how to attract butterflies to your yard through various types of flowers or food that they eat.





Butterfly House - by Eve Bunting

Follow the life cycle of a butterfly as a little girl witnesses the changes that occur. A wonderful book for butterfly lovers.





The Castaway - by James Stevenson

A comic book like read about Hubie's family vacation. See how his own adventure helps him overcome many of his fears.





Cat Heaven - by Cynthia Rylant

A wonderful book for any child who has lost a cat. This author has also written the book Dog Heaven.





Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - by Jim Archambault

Chant your way up the coconut tree with the alphabet.





The Christmas Party - by Adrian Adams

Come join the Abbott family as they prepare to host the town Christmas party.





The Circus Alphabet - by Linda Bronson

This creative alphabet book uses different circus attractions to tell the stories of every letter.





Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon! - by Pat Cummings

Harvey is not allowed to watch cartoons until he cleans his room - but how does he tackle the job?





Cloud Dance - by Thomas Locker

A beautiful book filled with gorgeous pictures of different sky scenes and cloud formations.





The Color Box - by Dayle Ann Dodds

Alexander the monkey finds a box. Explore the different colors as he crawls through.





Color Farm - by Lois Ehlert

The author uses shapes to brilliantly create different animal faces. A very creative book.





Come a Tide - by George Ella Lyon

When Grandma said, "Here come a tide", her granddaughter didn't know what that meant - until the river came rushing down to her house.





Corduroy - by Don Freeman

Corduroy the bear waits patiently for a child to buy him and take him home. What happens when his opportunity almost passes him by?





Cranberry Summer - by Wende Devlin

In this Cranberryport adventure, Mr. Whiskers and Maggie rescue a donkey which they name Eliza. Find out what they do to support Eliza and provide her with a home.





Dad and Me in the Morning - by Patricia Lakin

This is a wonderful story about a boy- who is hearing impaired- enjoying a sunrise with his father.





Dappled Apples - by Jan Carr

This is a unique story illustrated with paper collage art. The book covers different events of the fall season-- leaves changing colors, picking apples, and Halloween.





The Day it Rained Hearts - by Felicia Bond

Cornelia decided to make Valentine's cards for her friends on the day it rained hearts.





Dinosaur Babies - by Lucille Recht Penner

Learn about dinosaur babies and how we think they were cared for.





Dinosaur Dream - by Dennis Nolan

Travel back in time with Wilbur as he helps Gideon, the brontosaurus, find his way home.





Dog Heaven - by Cynthia Rylant

This is a great book to read to your child if he's just suffered the loss of a dog. The author takes a very positive approach to heaven in this book; along with another of her titles, Cat Heaven.





Earrings - by Judith Viorst

When a young girl wants earrings, there are lots of objections from her parents. Can she convince Mom and Dad?




The Everything Book - by Denise Fleming

This book is a definite necessity for all young readers. It covers a wide range of different subjects and the illustrations are such that a child won't become bored.





Fall is Not Easy - by Marty Kelley

In this short story, a tree explains why fall is the most difficult season to endure. An easy read for younger children.





Fall Leaves Fall - by Zoe Hall

When the leaves change colors, we know autumn has arrived. Experience these colorful changes through this nicely illustrated book.





A Family Hanukkah - by Bobbi Katz

Rachel and Jonathon visit their grandparents house on the first night of Hanukkah. Listen to their family celebrations.





A Far-Fetched Story - by Karin Cates

A tale about a family that needs to find some firewood to help keep the house warm during the upcoming winter. Read and find out what happens when the go looking for the wood.





Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers - by Mary Ann Hoberman

This is a collection of 26 poems in this book that deal with many topics such as relatives, adoption, sibling issues, divorce, and growing up.





Flower Garden - by Eve Bunting

It's not easy to have a flower garden when you live in an apartment. Watch a young girl surprise some special!





Flying - by Donald Crews

This is a very simple story about taking a plane ride. A good book for those planning a trip.





A Fourth of July on the Plains - by Jean Van Leeuwen

Celebrate the Fourth of July with this group of Pioneers as they head to Oregon in their covered wagons. A good book to read for the holiday.





Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair! - by Harriet Lerner

Franny loves her long, wild hair. When a bird decides to make it her home, how does Franny react?





Fran's Flower - by Lisa Bruce

Fran finds a flower pot with a tiny green tip shooting out the top of the soil. Will she be able to nurture this tip into a flower using her feeding methods?





Friends - by Rachel Isadora

A beginning book for young children. Each illlustration includes one word descriptions of how friends interact with each other.





Fun with Patterns - by Peter Patilla

A great book with many different patterns and shapes for the child to identify and locate. The child will definitely have to think while reading every page.





The Garden in Our Yard - by Greg Henry Quinn

This is a simple story that follows the transformation of a garden throughout an entire year.





The Gifts of Kwanzaa - by Synthia Saint James

This is a simple explanation of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Colorful illustrations enhance the message of the book.





Good Luck Mrs. K! - by Louise Borden

Ann loves her 3rd grade class and teacher, Mrs. Kempczinski. When Mrs. K misses part of the school year while battling cancer, Ann and her classmates carry on because that's the third grade way.





Goodnight Moon - by Margaret Wise Brown

This widely popular book deals with the daily routine of saying goodnight before bed.





Good-Night Owl - by Pat Hutchins

Owl is trying to sleep one afternoon, but all of the animals keep him awake. See how he gets his revenge.





Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey - by Joy Cowley

Miguel's father sent him a turkey to fatten up until Thanksgiving. As time goes by, how does Miguel feel about eating his new friend for Thanksgiving dinner?





Grandma Summer - by Harley Jessup

Ben doesn't think he's going to have fun spending time with his grandmother this summer. Boy, is he in for a surprise!





Growing Colors - by Bruce McMillan

A very simplistic book showing actual pictures of fruit and vegetables, along with the names of their color. The concept of this book is showing the food in it's natural form which keeps the attention of everyone reading.





Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah - by Wendy Wax

A wonderful collection of songs, stories, and traditions for a child who is beginning to learn and understand the celebration of Hanukkah.





Happy Easter, Davy! - by Brigitte Weninger

Davy is unhappy that the Easter Bunny lives in their forest but only takes eggs and presents to boys and girls. See what nice surprise Davy has in store for his brothers and sisters.





Harvest - by Kris Waldherr

This beautifully illustrated book takes us from planting seeds through the harvest season.





Hats Off for the Fourth of July - by Harriet Ziefert

Stand along this parade route and enjoy the Chatham town's festivities.





How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World - by Marjorie Priceman

Travel around the world and gather the ingredients used to make an apple pie - or you can wait until the market is open!





How Will the Easter Bunny Know? - by Kay Winters

Mike is really excited to go to his Grandma's house for Easter - until he hears that the Easter Bunny only visits houses where kids live. Read what happens as Mike is determined to have the Easter Bunny find him.





Hurray for the Fourth of July - by Wendy Watson

Follow along with a family as they spend Fourth of July participating in many traditional events. There are also some classic rhymes and patriotic song verses throughout the book.





I Can Sign My ABCs - by Susan Gibbons Chaplin

A basic book which includes the signs for the alphabet, along with a simple word beginning with each letter.





In November - by Cynthia Rylant

Fall is well under way when November arrives. Spend some time during the month of November as this book shows us how different people and animals prepare for the upcoming winter.





Inside, Outside Christmas - by Robin Spowart

A very simple rhyming story about the happenings inside and outside at Christmas time.





It's Fall - by Linda Glaser

A fabulous story about how different life forms adapt to the fall season. Wonderfully illustrated; along with nature activites listed at the back of the book.





It's Winter - by Linda Glaser

A wonderful book that follows a young girl through her wintery day. This book makes you feel as if you're right there with her.





James and the Rain - by Carla Kuskin

Follow James as he finds out about different rainy day games from different groups of animals.





Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato - by Tomie DePoala

Jamie O'Rourke is the laziest man in town. When he meets the leprechaun and makes a wish, does he become the smartest man too?





Johnny Appleseed - by Rosemary & Steven Vincent Benet

This is a very simple version of the poem about Johnny Appleseed. The book follows Johnny’s journey as he plants the seeds and cares for his trees.





The King Who Rained - by Fred Gwyne

Great play on words in this book filled with homonyms. This is a cute story that parents will also enjoy.





The Kissing Hand - by Audrey Penn

A story about how two raccoons deal with being separated.





A Kitten Called Moonlight - by Martin Waddell

Charlotte loves for her mom to tell the story about Moonlight. Find out why it's so special to her.





Koala and the Flower - by Mary Murphy

Koala wants to learn more about flowers. When her friends aren't able to help her, where does Koala turn for the information?





Leprechaun Gold - by Teresa Bateman

When Donald O'Dell saves the life of a leprechaun, he won't take the pot of gold as a reward. How will the leprechaun repay Donald for his good deed?





The Leprechaun in the Basement - by Kathy Tucker

Michael McKeever and his family were a little down on their luck. Read what happens when Michael discovers a leprechaun in the basement!





Letters and Sounds - by Rosemary Wells

Get ready for kindergarten with Timothy as he participates in a bunch of fun, learning activities.





Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children - by Bryan Mellonie

A very simple approach to death, using simple examples and pictures. A good book for younger children who are curious about death.





Light the Lights - by Margaret Moorman

This is a story about Emma's holiday season -- celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas.





Lionel in the Summer - by Stephen Krensky

Four easy to read stories fill this book about summertime fun and the Fourth of July.





A Little Bit of Winter - by Paul Stewart

Hedgehog askes Rabbit to save him some winter since he always sleeps through it. Will his friend Rabbit remember?





Little Rabbit's Easter Surprise - by Joanne Compton

Little Rabbit decorates his own special Easter egg. There are many mishaps throught the day -- will his egg make it to the sepcial recipient?





Look Whooo's Counting - by Suse Mac Donald

This is an outstanding counting book using cut-paper illustrations. Fly with owl from sunset to sunrise as she counts the animals she sees below.





The Magic Dreidels - by Eric Kimmel

Jacob dropped his new brass dreidel in a well. When the goblin replaces it with magic dreidels, what does neighbor Fruma Sarah do when Jacob shows them to her?





Martin Luther King, Jr. - by Peter and Connie Roop

This is an overview of the highlights in Martin Luther King Jr's life. It's broken into two chapters with the second showing actual pictures from certain events.





Max's Christmas - by Rosemary Wells

Ruby tells her brother Max that he has to go to sleep so Santa will come. Does Max stay awake to see Santa Claus?





Messy Bessy's Holidays - by Patricia McKissack

A simple story of Messy Bessy who bakes different December holiday cookies for her friends.





Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten - by Joseph Slate

Follow Miss Bindergarten's class from A-Z as they get ready for the first day of school.





Mole and the Baby Bird - by Marjorie Newman

Mole loves the baby bird he rescued when it fell from the tree. Birds are meant to fly - but will Mole realize that?





Mother Goose - by Sylvia Long

This is a good choice of Mother Goose books to add to your collection. The colorful illustrations and the choices of rhymes will lead to endless hours of reading!





Mother Goose Remembers - by Clare Beaton

A collection of classic nursery rhymes make up this uniquely illustrated book. Each page looks like it is hand sewn using different fabrics, bric-a-brac, and other crafting materials.





Mouse & Mole and the Year- Round Garden - by Doug Cushman

This is a story about 2 friends who tend to a garden. The author also includes simple scientific explanations of garden-related topics that a child will understand and enjoy.





My First Book of Sign - by Pamela J Baker

A book of over 100 different words, their signs, and the explanation of how to sign each one.





My Friend and I - by Lisa Jahn-Clough

A simple story about two friends that have a fight and the making up process that follows.





My Mother Talks to Trees - by Doris Gove

Laura is embarrassed because her mother stops to talk to each tree in the neighborhood. As her mother relays the information about each of the trees, Laura soon finds herself interested.





My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother - by Patricia Polacco

Big brothers always seem to do everything better than the younger sister. See what happens when this sister makes a wish upon a falling star.





My Signing Book of Numbers - by Patricia Bellan Gillen

This book includes numbers which are signed, along with explanations of the sign, and some other basic words.





Night Fire - by Mary Jessie Parker

A very simple but important story of a family's escape from a house fire. The author also lists well thought out tips on how to stay safe.





No Roses for Harry! - by Harry Zion

Harry doesn't like a rose print sweater that was hand-knit by Grandma and given to him as a gift. See how a bird helps solve Harry's problem.





North Country Spring - by Reeve Lindbergh

Watch the country wake up from winter as spring has finally arrived.





Numbers - by John Reiss

This book is filled with vibrantly colored pages. Count to 20, 100, or even 1000!





Old Black Fly - by Jim Aylesworth

Travel with a pesky fly as he visits every letter of the alphabet. Will he press his luck?





Olivia Saves the Circus - by Ian Falconer

Join Olivia and her imagination as she tells her classmates about her visit to the circus.





On the Go - by Ann Morris

A realistic look at how people all over the world use different methods of transportation.





One Christmas Box - by Jo Anne Stewart Wetzel

A true story of a father stationed overseas while his family is home during the holidays. Even though distance separates the family this Christmas, their love holds them together, which they are reminded of by the wooden box sent from Japan.





Oonga Boonga - by Frieda Wishinsky

Baby Louise is crying and no one can stop her -- that is until her brother comes home.





Opposites - by Istar Schwager

A wonderful book to expose children to the world of opposites.





Owl Moon - by Jane Yolen

This story is about a father and daughter who go owling one winter evening. This book is so descriptive you feel as if you are owling too.





The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark - by Jill Tomlinson

Plop is a baby barn owl who's afraid of the dark. Can he overcome his fear after talking with many different people?





Pancakes for Breakfast - by Tomie De Poala

This is a wordless picture book, giving the child a great opportunity to tell the story.





Papa's Latkes - by Jane Breskin Zalben

When Mama Beni doesn't feel like making latkes one year, her family decides to hold a latke making contest. Find out who is declared the winner.





Paperwhite - by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Lucy and Miss Mamie set out to bring a little bit of spring to the long winter months. Find out what they do to brighten up the season.





The Piano - by William Miller

Tia loved all kinds of music. Read what she does in order to get the opportunity to learn to play the piano.





Pooh's Easter Egg Hunt - by Isabel Gaines

Pooh and his friends embark on an Easter egg hunt. When Pooh realizes his basket has a hole, what do his friends do to make this day special?





Princess Buttercup: A Flower Princess Story - by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

Princess Buttercup is supposed to help get ready for the spring party. When she follows a butterfly and gets lost, will she make it back in time?





Pumpkin Heads - by Wendell Minor

A wonderfully illustrated book telling about the different kinds of pumpkins we see during the season. A very simple read for all ages to enjoy.





A Pup for Me; A Boy Just for Me - by Dorthea Seeber

A wonderfully clever book that is read from front to back and back to front. Follow a puppy on his search for the perfect owner; and a boy's search for his perfect pet.





The Quarreling Book - by Charlotte Zolotow

Two friends argue, then figure out how to get along.





Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf - by Lois Ehlert

This is a very informative story about a maple tree; beginning from the time it was a sapling. The vibrant colors and wonderful pictures offer a unique version of this life cycle seen through a child's eyes.





Rock It, Sock It, Number Line - by Bill Martin, Jr.

Come rhyme and dance with the numbers as they make their way through the garden.





Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink - by Diane DeGroat

Gilbert is supposed to be writing nice things about each classmate on Valentine's Day. What does he say about 2 friends that he's angry with?





The Runaway Bunny - by Margaret Wise Brown

Another great story for young children, with illustrations by the author of Goodnight Moon.





Sailing Off to Sleep - by Linda Ashman

Who wants to go to bed when there are so many places to visit? Travel with a young girl as she sets out on the winter sea.





Sam is My Half Brother - by Lizi Boyd

Hessie has a new half brother. How does this change her life, and how does she adapt to the change?





Sammy and the Dinosaurs - by Ian Whybrow

Sammy found some old dinosaurs in a box up in the attic. What does he decide to do with them?





Scared Silly - by James Howe

This story is narrated by one of the Monroe's dogs. When an unexpected guest arrives at the house while the family is out, see how the family pets react.





The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree - by Arnold Gibbons

Arnold loves to spend time at his apple tree. Follow Arnold's activites as the tree and seasons change.





Sergio and the Hurricane - by Alexandra Wallner

This is a realistic story about a boy and his family preparing for and living through a hurricane in Puerto Rico. Very informative for those children who have never experienced this weather phenomenon.





Seven Candles for Kwanzaa - by Andrea Davis Pinkney

This is a wonderfully informative story to begin a child's exposure to Kwanzaa. The story is simple to understand and defines all seven principles.





Silly Knock-Knocks - by Joseph Rosenbloom

This is a wonderful book for the knock-knock lovers. This book is full of some clever jokes, while also teaching the ABCs.





Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny - by Lillian Hoban

Sill Tilly is a very forgetful mole. She smells jelly beans so she thinks it's Easter, but will she remember everything she needs to celebrate the holdiay?





Simple Signs - by Cindy Wheeler

A very easy to follow book with simple words and illustrations of how to sign them. The author also includes short definitions of the movements which makes this book easy to understand.





Sledding - by Elizabeth Winthrop

An easy rhyming story about children getting ready to sled. Those of you who live in snowy areas can relate to the preparation involved.





Smoky Night - by Eve Bunting

This is a unique story from a child's point of view during the LA riots. Experience first hand Daniel's learning of the importance of tolerance.





Snappy Little Halloween - by Dugald Steer

A terrific pop-up book showing many of the traditional Halloween characters. The faces on most of the characters are not scary which makes this book a great read for young children.





Snappy Little Opposites - by Dugald Steer

This is a wonderful pop-up book that is full of large, colorful illustrations.





Snow - by Uri Shulevitz

No one in town thinks it's going to snow, except a boy and his dog. Come join them as they celebrate the first snowfall of the season.





Snow Valentines - by Karen Gray Ruelle

Harry and Emily know their mother will give extra special hugs and their father will draw them wonderful pictures this Valentine's Day. Can they come up with the best gifts in the world for their parents?





Snowie Rolie - by William Joyce

When the sun blows a lightbulb, Rolie Polie Olie makes a snowman -- Mr. Snowie. See where Rolie takes Mr. Snowie when the bulb is fixed and the snow begins to melt.





Snowtime - by Dave Saunders

A cute story about Dibble and Dabble duck who are looking for a warm place to wait out a snowstorm.





Soccer Game - by Grace Maccarone

A great story for beginning readers to enjoy. Follow along in the story with the kids as they play a soccer game.





Something is Growing - by Walter Lyon Krudop

Peter decided to plant a seed in a busy, city sidewalk. Watch what happens as the seed begins to grow!





A Special Kind of Love - by Stephen Michael King

This book tells a story about a father who builds special things for his son to show how much he loves him.





Splish, Splash, Spring - by Jan Carr

A wonderful use of paper collage art as this book takes us through the different aspects of spring.





Spring's Sprung - by Lynn Plourde

Come join Mother Earth as she awakens three of her daughters - March, April, and May. The sisters are so busy arguing, however, that they may be too preoccupied to bring the world into spring.





Stop, Drop, and Roll - by Margery Cuyler

An important book for children that deals with fire safety. See how Jessica, a worrywart, deals with Fire Prevention week in school.





The Storm - by Kathy Henderson

As Jim looked out towards the ocean, he thought that everything he saw was his. When the storm hit, how did Jim's feelings change?





The Story of the Root-Children - by Sibylle VonOlfers

Every winter the root-children sleep far below the ground. Once Mother Earth wakes everyone up as the snow begins to melt, follow their journey through spring and summer.





Strega Nona - by Tomie De Poala

Big Anthony helps Strega Nona with chores around her house. Read what happens when he doesn't follow one of the rules!





Sun Dance Water Dance - by Jonathan London

A well illustrated book that uses color along with the poetry, to tell the story of a summer day. A great use of color makes you feel like you are in the story.





Teddy Bears' Mother Goose - by Michael Hague

This is another book containing Mother Goose rhymes; which includes wonderful illustrations and teddy bears in each story.





Teddy's Easter Secret - by Gerlinde Wiencirz

Teddy was accidentally left outside in the sandbox. When he sees a bunny take some eggs out of the hen house, what does he discover when he follows him?





Ten Red Apples - by Pat Hutchins

The farmer has 10 apples on his tree, until the animals start helping themselves. Will there be enough to go around? Help count!





Ten, Nine, Eight - by Molly Bang





Thanksgiving Mice - by Bethany Roberts

A wonderfully simple story about some mice who put on a Thanksgiving play. They tell the barebone basics on how Thanksgiving came about.





A Thanksgiving Turkey - by Julian Scheer

Grandfather has been hunting the same old turkey for as long as he can remember. What happens when this grandfather and his grandson finally catch up with it?





That Sky, That Rain - by Carolyn Otto

When a little girl goes to visit her grandparents, a storm is approaching. Go along with her, Grandpa, and Sullivan the dog to prepare the barn and animals for the rain.





The Boat Alphabet Book - by Jerry Pallota

Learn an enormous amount of boating facts from The Boat Alphabet Book. A must have for those who love to sail the seas.





Three Little Dinosaurs - by Jim Harris

A wonderfully unique version of the Three Little Pigs-- with a twist! This is a fun story for all children.





Three Little Kittens - by Paul Galdone

Colorful illustrations lead us through this book about the three little kittens.





Three Young Pilgrims - by Cheryl Harness

This book is perfect for those children who want to understand a bit more about the Pilgrims and their voyage to America. Very informative for young readers.





Together for Kwanzaa - by Juwanda Ford

Kayla's family was preparing for the Kwanzaa celebrations. When her brother has trouble coming home from college due to the weather, will Kayla be able to have fun without him?





Tomorrow's Alphabet - by George Shannon

A unique version of an alphabet book. Learn what happens to objects after dealing with time, elements, or necessity.





Tops and Bottoms - by Janet Stevens

Bear owns a lot of land but is too lazy to harvest it. The Hare family have a plan to utilize that land; but what does Bear think when he receives his payment?





TrueLove - by Babette Cole

When a new baby arrives at TrueLove's house, he finds himself lacking attention. Follow the family's reaction and course of action when they realize TrueLove is missing.





Two Little Witches - by Harriet Ziefert

A group of 10 children are trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Count with them before the arrive at a monster's door!





A Valentine for Ms. Vanilla - by Harriet Ziefert

The children in Ms. Vanilla's class are making Valentine's Day cards. See who's card is the most special of all.





The Very Hungry Caterpillar - by Eric Carle

A caterpillar grows up to be a butterfly.




Waiting for Wings - by Lois Ehlert

Follow along through another one of Lois Ehlert's original books about the lifespan of a butterfly. Vibrant colors and unique page layouts make this book captivating to the reader.





Warthogs Paint: A Messy Color Book - by Pamela Duncan Edwards

The Warthogs decided to paint the wall with red, blue, and yellow paints. See how many colors they end up with when they're finished.





Waters - by Edith Newlin Chase

Watch the journey that a drop of water can take as it makes it's way to the ocean. This book is brilliantly illustrated with paper cut outs and watercolor.





We all Sing with the Same Voice - by Philip Miller

The Sesame Street gang shows the ways in which kids are all alike no matter where they live.





We Need Water - by Helen Frost

A simple book from the Pebble Book series on the important functions of water.





We're Different, We're the Same - by Bobbi Jane Kates

A Sesame Street book about differences and similarities.





We're Going on a Ghost Hunt - by Marcia Vaughan

Chant with 2 trick-or-treaters as they go on a ghost hunt.





What Do You Know? - by Lorinda Bryan Cauley

This is a colorful, interactive book full directions for your child to follow. Children can count, rhyme, mix colors, recognize animal sounds, and participate in more exciting activities from cover to cover.





What's Opposite? - by Stephen Swinburne

This author uses actual photographs to teach the difference between many opposites. A great change of pace from your average illustrated picture book.





When a Pet Dies - by Fred Rogers

This book from Mr. Rogers' series deals with the feelings associated with the death of a pet. It's a good book with simple explanations of the feelings we go through during grief.





When Sophie Gets Angry… Really, Really Angry - by Molly Bang

Sophie learns to control her anger.




When Uncle Took the Fiddle - by Libba Moore Gray

Everyone is too tired to do anything but rest - that is until Uncle starts playing his fiddle. Watch how the music makes everyone come alive!





When Will It Be Spring? - by Catherine Walters

Alphie's mother has told him that he has to sleep until spring. When this bear cub looks out of the cave, has spring really arrived?





When Winter Comes - by Nancy Van Laan

What happens to the animals in the winter time? This beautifully illustrated book will tell you about them.





Where the Wild Things Are - by Maurice Sendak

Max was misbehaving so his mother sent him to his room. Where did his imagination take him next?





Where's My Teddy - by Jez Alborough

Eddie lost his teddy bear in the forest. When he goes back to look for it, he runs into a bear with the same problem.





Who Said Boo? - by Nancy White Carlstrom

This collection of 12 Halloween poems will be enjoyed by a large age range of children. Colorful illustrations enhance every story.





Who Said Red? - by Mary Serfozo

An introductory book on colors that is easy reading for all young children.





Why Can't I Live Underwater with the Fish? - by Sally Hewitt

This book provides simple answers to many questions a child may have regarding water -- from snow to clouds to sea water. There are also notes in the back for teaachers/parents to conduct simple experiments to enhance the child's understanding.





Widget - by Lynn Rossiter McFarland

Widget is a stray dog looking for a home. When he walks into the house of Mrs. Diggs and her six cats, what does he have to do in order to stay?





Will I Have a Friend? - by Miriam Cohen

Jim is nervous on his first day of school. Will he be able to get through his day?





Will There Be a Lap for Me? - by Dorothy Corey

Kyle loves to spend time sitting on his mother's lap. Now that she's having a baby, will his special place be taken away?





The Wing on a Flea - by Ed Emberley

This story shows how simple shapes are around us all of the time. The vibrant colors that the illustrator used in this book are wonderful.





Zelda and Ivy and the Boy Next Door - by Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Three short stories make up this fun book about 2 sisters and their relationship with the new neighbor next door.





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