About Me

My name is Timothy Guidry and I will be your U.S. History teacher this year. I am from Pueblo Colorado originally and graduated from Pueblo West in 2009. Before I started teaching history I was a cook and server in restaurants. I have also worked as a salesman selling cars for two years . I have always felt that the foundations of success in life starts with a solid education from a young age. I will do my best to show you where we come from as Americans and where we will be going in our future. This is going to be my first year as a History teacher and I am excited for the opportunity. I am going to do my best to integrate new technologies into the classroom so that the information does not become stale and boring. I earned my Bachelors from CSU Pueblo in history and secondary education in 2015. I don't have any kids but have seven brothers and sisters that definitely keep me busy. I am also a huge sports fan so if anyone ever wants to talk sports I'm always in.