Contributing to the Profession


       - I have utilized class dojo consistently throughout this school year. One way that I have utilized it is for its randomizer. The random name calling of students allows me to keep all students accountable. I have also utilized it for my reward system. Students redeem their class dojo points for prizes that were established at the beginning of the year. 


        - These formative assessments lessons are activities for my EL students. Aligning these with collaborative structures that are in place in the classroom provide for some higher level thinking from students. 


       - One of the main problems I was having in my classes was the noise level of the students, especially at the end of the day. This noise level meter did wonders for that problem. The noise level meter provides students with a visual representation of how loud they are being and allows them to monitor their noise levels accordingly.


       - This online timer allowed to keep my students accountable and keep their pace moving. Students not being busy was resulting in behavior issues for me. By giving my students a time limit, I can keep the pacing of the class moving forward and prevent some of those before issues that arise from students having too much time on their hands.