Lacrosse study guide


-Lacrosse is the oldest sport played in America and is often referred to as “America’s only true sport”.  History shows that lacrosse was played before Columbus landed in 1492.  The game was actually developed by North American Indians.

 -A lacrosse field is a rectangle 110 yards long and from 53½ yards wide to 60 yards wide. 

-The midfield line divides the field exactly in half.  At the beginning of a game, at the beginning of each quarter and after each goal is scored the ball is faced off at the midfield line at the X spot. 

-The front plane of a lacrosse goal is a perfect square 6 feet by 6 feet. 

-The object of lacrosse is to put the ball into your opponent’s goal by making it pass completely through the imaginary plane formed by the rear edges of the goal line, the goal posts and the crossbar of the goal line while preventing the other team from doing the same thing. 

-Anyone on the field can score a goal.  (Includes a defensive player accidentally knocking the ball into own goal)  -A Lacrosse game begins with a face off at the midfield line at the X spot in the center of the field. 

-Teams can range from having 25 to 30 players on each team.  There are ten players on the field consisting of one goalie, three defensive players, three midfielders, and three attackmen.  (A team may generally only use 15 to 18 of those players per game) 

-Lacrosse equipment is as follows:  Helmet, Mouthpiece, Glove, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads.  The goalkeeper is required to wear a throat and chest protector, in addition to a mouthpiece and gloves. 

-Lacrosse is a combination of football, hockey, and basketball. 


Catching-The act of receiving a passed ball with the crosse.

Checking-The act of attempting to dislodge the ball from an opponents stick.

Cradling-The coordinated motion of the arms and wrists that keeps the ball secure in ready to be passed or shot when running.

Cutting-A movement by an offensive player without the ball.

Feeding-Passing the ball to a teammate who is in position for a shot on goal.

Passing-The act of throwing the ball to a teammate with the crosse.

Scooping-The act of picking up a loose ball with the crosse.

Shooting-The act of throwing the ball with the crosse toward the goal in an attempt to score.