Chapter one vocabulary test



Lifestyle factors                      Risk behavior                          Sedentary lifestyle

Cumulative risks                     Precaution                               Abstinence

Attitude                                  Self-control                             Adolescence

Hormones                              Wellness                                  Health


1.  An action or behavior that might cause injury or harm to you or others.


2.  Your feelings and beliefs.


3.  A combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well being.


4.  Behaviors and habits that help determine a person’s level of health.


5.  A way of life that involves little physical activity.


6.  Not participating in high-risk behaviors.


7.  An overall state of well-being, or total health.


8.  Control of your own emotions and desires.


9.  The time of life between childhood and adulthood.


10.  Related risks that increase in effect with each added risk.


11.  Chemical substances, produced in glands, which help to regulate many body functions.


12.  A planned action taken before an event to increase the chances of a safe outcome.


13.  (3 points) Draw and label each side of the health triangle.  Which side is the most important?