Chapter two vocabulary test

Chapter two vocabulary test



Environment                                        Interpersonal communication

Support system                                   Body language

Time management                               Mixed message

Stress management skills                     Eye contact

Fatigue                                               Active listening

Adrenaline                                          Feedback

Fight or flight response                        Refusal skills

Stressor                                              Decision making

Distress                                              Values

Eustress                                              Evaluate

Stress                                                 Goal setting


1          Exhaustion.


2          Direct visual contact with another person’s eyes.


3          Ways to deal with and overcome problems.


4          The process of making a choice or finding a solution.


5          Positive stress.


6          A network of people available to help when needed.


7          Using your time wisely.


8          When your words say one thing but your body language says another.


9          The beliefs and ideals that guide the way a person lives.


10        The sum total of your surroundings.


11        Communication strategies that help you say no effectively.


12        Your body’s response to change.


13        A form of nonverbal communication.


14        To determine the value of something.


15        The process by which the body prepares to deal with a stressor.


16        The exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs between two or more people.


17        Anything that causes stress.


18        A response by the listener to what the speaker has said.


19        Negative stress.


20        A hormone that gives the body extra energy.


21        The process of working toward something you want to accomplish.


22        Hearing, thinking about, and responding to the other person’s message.